Sunday, January 29, 2023

Matt Cundill - The 'Sound Off' Podcast

Geoff Allan: From Resorts to Rehearsals – The Sound Off Podcast

You know Geoff Allan's voice. No, really, you do. If you've ever heard an ad for Burger King, Bud Light, or Hardee's, you've probably heard Geoff's dulcet tones announcing the return of the biggest burger you've ever seen.

Chris Ash: Now Heard Around The World – The Sound Off...

It's not often that we hear a British accent on the radio in Canada. Especially outside of Toronto, or maybe Vancouver, most of our talent is home-grown. Chris Ash is a notable exception to that rule.

Ben McCully: Change Is Brewing – The Sound Off Podcast

Ben McCully has one of the most interesting portfolios I, and probably you, have ever seen: Radio host, car salesman, pro wrestler, brewery tour manager. If that combo of careers doesn't have you hooked on this episode already, I don't know what will.

Jim Lang: Live, Local and Social at The Region

Jim Lang is a renowned broadcaster who's worked all over Canada, often covering sports. You probably know him best from either Sportsnet Fan Radio 590, or his Toronto Argos coverage on AM 640

BJ Shea: Champion For the Common Man – The Sound...

BJ Shea is the morning show host at the legendary KISW in Seattle. The BJ and Migs show has anchored the station since 2005

Julie Adam: Imperfectly Kind – The Sound Off Podcast

Imperfectly Kind is the name of Julie Adam's first book. The President of Rogers Sports & Media had a unique pandemic experience that she shared with us and led her to write this book.

Charese Fruge: Time For A Fresh Approach – The ‘Sound Off’...

Charese Frugé is the Net News Editor at and has 20+ years in the radio business with a proven track record in multiple formats as both an on air personality and an award winning programmer.

Sam East: Creation, Mindfulness and Lessons Learned

Sam East is the afternoon host on 99.9 Virgin Radio, and host of weeknights on Virgin Radio across Canada.

The ‘Sound Off’ Podcast – Chris St. Clair: How’s the Weather?

Chris St. Clair started at the Weather Network back in 1994. However, before that he had a worked in radio; in later years as the program director at 990 Hits in Montreal.

Mary Anne Ivison: The Power of The Pivot

A few times a year, the radio grim reaper makes its rounds and kills off another round of talented people. Depending on the sociopathic behaviour of the company who executes the plan, it is described as "dislocation" or "restructuring"