Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Matt Cundill - The 'Sound Off' Podcast

Bryn Griffiths: Over 100 Minutes of Stories on The Sound Off...

If you've listened to sports radio in Alberta anytime in the last three decades, you probably know Bryn Griffiths. He's been positively prolific in covering the NHL and CFL teams in the area since the 90's- which is around when I met him.

Evo Terra: Pivoting to The End – The Sound Off Podcast

Podcast Hall of Fame Eve Terra is ending his Podcast Pontifications show

Bryan Barletta, Sounds Profitable: Remedial Ad Tech 101 – The Sound...

Bryan Barletta is back to tell us about the evolution of his company, Sounds Profitable. He started it two years ago, and since then it's evolved harmoniously alongside the podcast industry.

David Yas – The Boston Podcast Network – The Sound Off...

This week, we're joined by David Yas, founder and CEO of the Boston Podcast Network. David's name is attached to about 1000 episodes of various shows, which have altogether garnered over 367,000 downloads.

Fred Jacobs returns to The Sound Off Podcast with Matt Cundill

It has been 515 days since we had Fred Jacobs has been on the show. Back then we were unpacking a lot of the surprising results from a Covid induced Tech Survey.

Jay Nachlis: Sharing Insights – The Sound Off Podcast with Matt...

Jay Nachlis recently celebrated 5 years at Coleman Insights, he admitted that "not every career move I've made was the best decision, but every one of them was important for different reasons.

Sam Cook – Taking Her Shots – The Sound Off...

This episode, versatility is the word of the day. Sam Cook is currently the host and executive producer of The Shot, a singer/songwriter competition show filmed in Toronto, but she's also spent time as a radio host, podcaster, VO artist, and on-screen with other TV networks like YTV.

Todd Cochrane: More Podcast Questions Answered – The Sound Off Podcast

Todd Cochrane is a guest you might recognize. Last time he was on the show, in October 2019, we kept things fairly light.

Jeff Winskell: The Wind Just Pushed Me This Way – The...

Jeff Winskell is a bit of an anomaly in radio. Most folks attend university courses specifically tailored to broadcast, which leads them into the industry naturally, but Jeff went from film student to radio show producer in just a few years.

Jenn Dalen-Gordon: Going Up to Country – The ‘Sound Off’ Podcast

Jenn Dalen-Gordon is the operations manager for the Interior stations of British Columbia for Stingray Radio.