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Seattle – Tacoma PMs for April 2024

Classic Rock's KZOK holds down the number one spot for the 2nd month, with Country Music's, "The Wolf" KKWF moving into second place, followed by Public Radio's KUOW in the number three spot

Seattle – Tacoma PPMs for January 2024

KKWF-FM Country takes the number one spot with 7.3, followed by KUOW-FM. Classic Rock KZOK-FM checks in at 3rd Place

Seattle – Tacoma PPMs for September 2023

Seattle's Country music station The Wolk (KKWF-FM continues for the 2nd month to hold first place, Moving back into 2nd place is Classic Rock KZOK-FM, followed in third place by All Sports with KIRO-AM

Seattle – Tacoma PPMs for July 2023

Country The Wolf KKWF-FM 100.7 has moved into first place, with The Jet KJEB-Fm 95.7 Classic Hits, followed by Classic Rock KZOK coming in 3rd

Seattle – Tacoma PPMs for April 2023

Country Radio Station The Wolf KKWF-FM has moved into first place in this April radio rankings, with a 6.6 share. KJEB-FM, Classic Hits tied with Classic Rock KZOK-FM coming in second place.

Seattle-Tacoma PPMs for March 2023

Classic Hits KJEB-FM has moved up to first place, country music station moves up to hold 2nd place, followed by Classic Rock KZOK FM coming in 3rd spot in this months rankings

Research Director Inc., PPM Exclusive November ’22 Analysis For Seattle-Tacoma

When the season strikes this market, this market is lousy with pine-scented stations. However, the multitude held off until next month.

Seattle-Tacoma PPMs for November 2022

KIRO FM and KIRO AM switch places in the November 2022 PPM 6+ ratings. KJEB FM, formerly KJR FM comes in third place with 6.6 share of the audience

Seattle-Tacoma PPMs for October 2022

All Sports KIRO AM 710 holds to[ spot with sister station KIRO-FM 97.3 to follow in 2nd plance Classic Hits KJEB-FM 95.7, formerly KJR FM comes in 3rd place

Seattle-Tacoma PPMs for September 2022

KIRO-AM All Sports Radio moves into first place, followed by KJEB-FM (formerly KJR-FM comes in 2nd, with KIRO-FM NewsTalk coming in 3rd....