Sunday, December 5, 2021
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Today's Almost Forgotten Track

Sunday in Broadcast History .. December 27th…

Happy Birthday to broadcast journalists Savannah Guthrie and Arthur Kent. It’s also the date when the late Sydney Greenstreet, Oscar Levant and Cokie Roberts were born. ‘The Glenn Miller Show’ began its 3-year, 3-times a week run on CBS radio; C-ISL AM 650 became Vancouver’s Oldies Station, and CKKS became ‘JACK FM.’ Don McNeill’s ‘Breakfast Club’ ended its 35 year run on ABC Radio; ‘Howdy Doody Time’ (pictured) started its 13 year run on NBC-TV; the prime time soap ‘Knot’s Landing’ debuted on CBS-TV, and The Doors played ‘Light My Fire’ on CBS-TV’s ‘Jonathan Winters Show.’ Among those departing forever Dec. 27th were Vancouver’s first TV anchorman, Tom Robinson, and music men Hoagy Carmichael, Freddie King and Vancouver’s Chris Gage. ALL the milestones for Dec. 27th INSIDE;