Friday, June 18, 2021
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Matt Cundill - The 'Sound Off' Podcast

Christian Zyp: “Moving Radio”, on the ‘Sound Off’ Podcast with Matt...

Christian Zyp is a host on Edmonton's CJSR's Moving Radio. But you're not listening to this episode for that

The Great Radio Reset – The ‘Sound Off’ Podcast with Matt...

Matt goes solo this week with some ideas for the Great Radio Reset.

Sheri Lynch: Still In Control of the Show – ‘Sound Off’...

One of our biggest podcast episodes was back in October of 2017 when we had Sheri Lynch on the show to talk about taking control of the Bob and Sheri Show. By control, that means retaining things like digital rights and having autonomy over your brand. The episode has remained popular over the years because of the number of radio people who have considered taking a similar jump. In fact, it is one of the episodes that I have recommended people listen to rather than me explaining what she stated so eloquently.

Fred Jacobs’ Tech Survey: Radio In The Year Of Covid on...

Tech Survey has been an annual study by Jacobs Media since 2005. But 2021 will be one for the ages. Completed during a pandemic, Tech Survey 2021 tells the radio story of what happened to our radio listeners when Work from home, Zoom, masks, no travel, and a politically charged internet took hold. Originally, this was going to be a discussion about radio one year into the pandemic but how much better is that discussion with data?

Dani Stover: ‘Sunshine in the Shade’ on the ‘Sound Off’ Podcast...

Dani Stover has a wonderful studio with a beautiful sounding microphone and produces content for radio, and podcast. She's not the first unemployed creator to grace the podcast.

Darryl Spring Talks To Bands – The ‘Sound Off’ Podcast with...

Darryl Spring is passionate about rock radio. Although it started out with an attraction for what was coming out of the club shows of then CFNY-FM 102, Darryl knew radio was his future.

Joel Denver – ‘Sound Off’ Podcast…

Joel Denver is the owner, publisher and president of All If you work in radio, broadcasting and now podcasting, you likely have visited the All Access dot com website for industry news

Howard Kroeger: When Classic Hits Was Born

Howard Kroeger was there in 2002 when a new radio format was launched in Winnipeg. The program director of Hot AC Q94.3 was apart of the programming team that had recently acquired AC Magic 99.9 from Standard Radio. It was obvious that Magic would no longer be an AC station, but what would it become in Winnipeg's competitive radio market? This is when BOB was born.

Steve Goldstein – Amplify – Media – ‘Sound Off’ Podcast…

It's been over three years since we had Steve Goldstein from Amplifi Media on the show. He has an excellent feel for audio and how it is consumed, whether that is podcast, radio, streaming, voice or smart speakers. In particular, I have been fascinated with the advent of the smart speaker. Is it really a device that will save radio? Can it access those 1.8 million podcasts? How much of a game changer is it?

The Fifth Very Terry Christmas…

For the last five years, Matt and Terry Dimonte have gotten together for a podcast chat around Christmas time. Terry loves Christmas and its a chance to talk about radio and a whole lot more.