Thursday, September 16, 2021

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Jeremy Kyle vows to give details on what happened with his axed TV show

As Kyle returned to broadcasting with the launch of his new talkRadio show on Tuesday, he said he was "very proud" of the axed TV programme, for which he was known for his outspoken opinions on guests' dilemmas

Radio Mans fave with Ray Peterson

Ray Peterson (April 23, 1935 – January 25, 2005) was an American pop singer who is best remembered for singing "Tell Laura I Love Her."

Thursday in Broadcast History .. September 16th

SEPT. 16th is the date that gave us Amy Poehler, Jennifer Tilly, Ed Begley Jr., Lawrence Dobkin. Allen Funt, B.B. King and Maverick’s Jack Kelly. Starting their TV runs this day were ‘Miami Vice’, ‘Frasier’, and ‘The Dean Martin Show’ on NBC; ‘Shindig’ and ‘The Outer Limits’ on ABC, and ‘Wiseguy’ and ‘The Bob Newhart Show’ on CBS. Canadian-born Jenny Jones (pictured) began a syndicated US TV talk show that lasted 12 years. and the CBC introduced ‘The Fifth Estate’ which has now been the network’s key newsmagazine for 44 years. ALL the milestones for the date INSIDE!

Bell Opposes Rogers-Shaw Deal, Citing Market ‘Dominance’ in Filing to CRTC

The CRTC is reviewing the Rogers takeover, specifically the transfer of broadcasting assets. Meanwhile, the Competition Bureau and Innovation, Science and Economic Development are similarly overseeing the proposed merger as well

New Podcast! Backstage Stories: Crew Are People Too

The Sound Off Podcast Network announces the debut of “Backstage Stories: Crew Are People Too”, hosted by Ted Bird. Life on the road as part of a concert tour crew can be glamour or grind, sometimes both.

2021 NAB Show Canceled

The NAB announced Wednesday morning that it has made the “difficult decision” to cancel the 2021 NAB Show amid concerns “related to the global pandemic and the surge caused by the Delta variant.”

Radio Mans Fave with Jerry Lee Lewis

His popularity quickly eroded following the scandal and with few exceptions such as a cover of Ray Charles's "What'd I Say", he did not have much chart success in the early 1960s. His live performances at this time were increasingly wild and energetic.

Wednesday in Broadcast History .. September 15th

IT WAS SEPT. 15th .. when “The Lone Ranger” debuted on ABC-TV, after 16 years on radio… When the family sitcom “Bachelor Father” with John Forsythe began its 5-year run on CBS-TV… When the rural comedy ‘Green Acres’ debuted on CBS-TV, starring Eddie Albert & Eva Gabor…. ..and when the action-adventure series ‘Lost in Space’ (CBS) and ‘I Spy’ (NBC) debuted on the same evening. ALL the milestones for Sept. 15th INSIDE!

Norm Macdonald, Comedian and ‘Saturday Night Live’ Star, Dies at 61

Norm Macdonald, the deadpan comedian, actor, writer and “Saturday Night Live” star, has died after a battle with cancer, Variety has confirmed. He was 61.

Trudeau’s Bailout Media Revealed, Pastor Art’s Court Update (Live)

EXCLUSIVE: Naming the media who secretly took Trudeau's $61M pre-election pay-off

The Sound Off Podcast: Susan Knight: Strong Female Energy

Susan Knight and I haven't seen each other since Labour Day 1995. We had just come back from the Molson Polar Ice Party in Tuktoyaktuk, NWT. She was working at 92 Rock in Sudbury and from there went to Chatham, Ontario and then Mountain-FM in Squamish, B.C.

Radio Mans Fave with Dr. John

Active as a session musician from the late 1950s until his death, he gained a following in the late 1960s after the release of his album Gris-Gris and his appearance at the Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music. He typically performed a lively, theatrical stage show inspired by medicine shows, Mardi Gras costumes, and voodoo ceremonies.

Tuesday in Broadcast History .. September 14th

IT WAS SEPT. 14th … when two major radio soap operas made their debut on the same day, ‘Big Sister’ on CBS, and ‘John’s Other Wife’ on NBC… When Milton Berle was named the permanent host of NBC-TV’s ‘Texaco Star Theatre,’ enroute to his earning the title ‘Mr. Television’… When Richard Boone (pictured) starred in episode one of CBS-TV’s‘Have Gun, Will Travel’… When Jerry Van Dyke starred in the debut of the universally condemned NBC sitcom ‘My Mother the Car’… ..and when Alberta premier Ernest Manning was on hand to help inaugurate Medicine Hat’s CHAT-TV on channel 4. ALL the milestones for the date INSIDE!

David Bray Overviews the numbers for Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and other Canadian Markets

David Bray overviews last weeks PPMs numbers in markets across the country

A Second Chance at Local Radio

 Nearly 20 years ago I called The Ohio Center for Broadcasting, now known as the Ohio Media School, to enroll in classes after seeing one of their commercials on television at 2AM.

Research Director Inc., Exclusive August 2021 PPM Analysis For Seattle-Tacoma

Any drama to be found 25-54 occurred below the top spot as KISW was a dominant #1 for the seventh straight survey. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON N/T KUOW got back all of last month’s dramatic share loss – plus a little extra – to move from #8 back up to #2. Yet, it still trailed the leader by two and a half shares.

Radio Mans Fave with Rick Nelson

Eric Hilliard Nelson (May 8, 1940 – December 31, 1985), known professionally as Ricky Nelson, was an American singer, pop pioneer, musician, and actor. From age eight he starred alongside his family in the radio and television series The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.

Monday in Broadcast History .. September 13th

IT WAS SEPT 13th .. when Eddie Cantor (pictured) began his long career as a radio comedian on NBC … When a number of new TV shows made their debut .. ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien,’ ‘Law and Order,’ ‘Car 54 Where Are You,’ ‘The Rockford files’ and ‘Police Woman’ on NBC-TV, ‘The Outer Limits’ on ABC, and ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ on CBS… When the first-ever viewer discretion warning was aired on TV, at the start of the syndicated ‘Soap,’ which introduced us to Billy Crystal… ..and when NBC’s “Frasier” won a record fifth consecutive Emmy award as TV’s best comedy series. ALL the milestones for Sept. 13th INSIDE!

Covid News: Open Letter to Dr. Bonnie Henry, Adrian Dix, and Premier John Horgan...

We are a group of extremely concerned health professionals in the Okanagan Valley, B.C. We have some critical questions  regarding COVID-19, specifically about the current reporting of case numbers, statistics, and testing, and the restrictions  imposed by your health orders. While discussion of adjunctive and alternative safe and effective treatments is being stifled, the  policies of mandatory experimental vaccines and vaccine passports are being forced upon our province, our country, and many  other countries worldwide.  

Radio Mans Fave with Peter Cetera

With "If You Leave Me Now", a song written and sung by Cetera on the group's tenth album, Chicago garnered its first Grammy Award.[6][7] It was also the group's first number one single.

Sunday in Broadcast History .. September 12th

IT WAS SEPT. 12th … when a raft of TV series debuted, including Lassie, Family Affair and Maude on CBS; Bonanza, The Monkees and Punky Brewster on NBC; and Taxi (pictured), Lois & Clark, and the Jeff Foxworthy Show began on ABC. Party of Five was seen for the first time on Fox. The 10th season of Murder She Wrote began on CBS-TV, and Vancouver radio station AM 1040 signed on with an adult contemporary music format. ALL the milestones for the date INSIDE!

Local Vancouver radio show announces they will soon only play music by vaccinated artists

As of September 13, the Vancouver Co-Op Radio show Unsigned BC will only be playing music by those who have received the COVID vaccine

What an EYE Opener! Former Newfoundland Premier Brian Pickford: Charter of Rights & Freedoms...

 In this breaking and historic interview, the LAST SURVIVING ARCHITECT of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, The Honourable Brian Peckford, P.C., explodes onto the scene with his utter condemnation of the Canadian government's response to the "pandemic", and consequently its blatant violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Radio Mans Fave with Survivor

The band achieved its best success in the 1980s, producing many charting singles, especially in the United States. The band is best-known for its double-platinum-certified 1982 hit "Eye of the Tiger", the theme song for the 1982 motion picture Rocky III; that single spent six weeks at number one in the US.

Saturday in Broadcast History .. September 11th

IT WAS SEPT. 11th .. when the Miss America Pageant was televised coast-to-coast for the first time. Future TV star Lee Meriwether won the crown … When the last of Gillette’s Friday Night Fights was seen on free, home TV. Veteran Don Dunphy handled the blow-by-blow as he had on radio & TV for 23 years… When the Canadian newsmagazine “W-5” launched on CTV… When the Carol Burnett Show premiered on CBS, with the first of 278 episodes over the next 10-and-a-half years… and when the world’s broadcasters reported the dreadful facts of one of the USA’s darkest days. ALL the milestones for the date INSIDE!

People’s Party Of Canada Surge As Media Brand Them Far-Right Bigots, by Brad Saltzber

As federal election voting day draws near, the People’s Party of Canada, led by Maxime Bernier, is moving up in the polls. According to the most recent Nanos poll, PPC support has more than doubled over the course of the campaign.

To Any Who Did Not Believe Trudeau’s Law Breaking, by Brian Peckford

Let’s remember the PM broke the law in 2019 —The Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner ruled then :

Election Canada: Agenda 2030, Marijuana, CBC And Facebook, Marc Emery talks with Jim Goddard

Government Propaganda, Crony Capitalism, Corporate Welfare

Harvard Broadcasting rebrands to Harvard Media

In an effort to position itself for future growth, Harvard Broadcasting has become Harvard Media. The move allows the company to combine radio and digital media to form a powerful, full-service enterprise.

Radio Mans Fave with Abba

The group's name is an acronym of the first letters of their first names. Widely considered one of the greatest musical groups of all time, they became one of the most commercially successful acts in the history of popular music, topping the charts worldwide from 1974 to 1983.