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[DS] Will Unleash Their Weapon After May, The People Are Becoming United Under Trump – X22 Report

OJ Jabbed = Turbo Cancer?

I got mine says OJ Simpson

Radio Mans fave with Ernie K. Doe

Ernest Kador Jr. (February 22, 1933 – July 5, 2001),[1] known by the stage name Ernie K-Doe, was an American R&B singer best known for his 1961 hit single "Mother-in-Law", which went to number 1 on the Billboard pop chart in the U.S.

Friday in Broadcast History .. April 12th

IT WAS APRIL 12th when Canadian broadcaster J. Frank Willis began his legendary 69 hour marathon coverage from a mine surface in Nova Scotia (pictured), after an explosion trapped three miners down below … When ‘The Life of Riley’ family comedy was heard for the first time on the CBS radio network, as a Saturday morning half-hour… When CBS-TV’s Ed Sullivan Show featured Brook Benton singing his first hit, “It’s Just A Matter Of Time”… and when the first episode of “21 Jump Street” starring a young Johnny Depp, aired on the Fox Network. ALL the milestones for the date INSIDE.

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[DS] Sets Up War Narrative, Trump Conviction Will Not Stop Him, Timing Is Everything – X22 Report

Global Edmonton Names Brent Williamson As Its News Director & Station Manager

Global Edmonton, the city’s top source for local news, weather, and traffic, announced today that veteran journalist and broadcast leader, Brent Williamson, is joining the station as its News Director and Station Manager starting on Monday, April 22

O.J. Simpson Dies From Cancer At Age 76

O.J. Simpson, whose real name is Orenthal James Simpson, has passed away at the age of 76 from cancer.