Friday in Broadcast History .. July 19th

CJNW-730 signed on with modern rock and no DJs after more than a month of silence to replace an aging transmitter and towers. Elvis Presley’s former doctor, Dr. George Nichopoulous lost his medical license for being “too liberal” when prescribing addictive drugs. Veteran Vancouver broadcaster and ad man Fin Anthony died at age 87. James Garner (pictured) of the Rockford Files....

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Lou Dobbs, veteran cable news anchor and Trump booster, dies at 78

Lou Dobbs, the longtime business news anchor who became one of Donald Trump’s most vocal supporters in the media, died on Thursday. He was 78.

Bob Newhart, Dean of the Deadpan Delivery, Dies at 94

Bob Newhart, the beloved stand-up performer whose droll, deadpan humor showcased on two critically acclaimed CBS sitcoms vaulted him into the ranks of history’s greatest comedians, died Thursday morning. He was 94.

“Dark day in journalism”: More layoffs reportedly hit Global News

Reports of layoffs impacting Global News surfaced Wednesday, following Corus’s announcement of job cuts earlier this week.

Radio Mans fave with The Sounds Orchestral

Sounds Orchestral's version of Vince Guaraldi's 1962 instrumental "Cast Your Fate to the Wind" hit No. 1 on the 1–15 May 1965 US Adult Contemporary charts and No. 10 on 8 May 1965 Hot 100.

Thursday in Broadcast History .. July 18th

Billy Joel gave his 100th concert at Madison Square Garden. In 1975, CKVU-TV was licensed as Vancouver’s third television station. It signed on 14 months later. Bruce Springsteen joined Joel onstage. Sting and his wife, Trudie Styler were ordered to pay their former chef compensation after losing a sexual discrimination case in the UK