About Puget Sound Radio

Puget Sound Radio (PSR) has always been the beacon of the media industry, allowing freedom of speech and comment on everything under the radio umbrella (what some people refer to as gossip).

This is why PSR has the web activity it does. Thousands of different people come to PSR on a regular basis, because they don’t know what to expect – whether it be the latest ratings release, to industry news, or even some stories that otherwise would not receive the light of day in Corporate media. Like it or hate it, people have an opinion on it, and you’ll find that here.

PSR does not allow comments that go too far. We monitor the site with vigilance, allowing people to have their say, yet do it professionally.

Puget Sound Radio can be compared to talk radio. Our job is to get people proactively engaged in what appears on our site. The numbers suggest we must be doing something right.