Edmonton PPM Radio Ratings. May 25 – Aug. 30, 2020

CBC continues in top spot, and UP! moves Up to 2nd place. The Breeze takes a dive but still holding strong…


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David Bray’s PPM Analysis for Edmonton .. May 2020

NOW! Radio takes top spot for F25-54, delivering a 16.8% share (up from 15.7 %). The Bear tops the list for M25-54 with a 14.2 % share (up from 13.2%).

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Edmonton Radio PPM’s.. Feb. 24 – May 24 2020

CBC Radio 1 is on top of the heap, CHED has moved back into 2nd place, with Breeze in 3rd Spot
Amazing jump and Great book for CFCW, climbing 3.1 points…

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David Bray Analyzes EDMONTON Radio PPMs, Reports Demo Leaders

NOW! Radio leads with demo women; The Bear tops the demo breakouts for men.

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Edmonton Radio PPM Ratings… Nov 25, 2019 – Feb 23, 2020

It’s like someone threw a firecracker into the midst… Now takes a dive to 4th place, being replaced by The Breeze, Christmas music maybe? 630 CHED follows Now at number five spot. Harvard’s flip to Play isn’t getting as much play and sister station Cruz has dropped, with both stations showing a 3.1…


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Edmonton Radio PPM’s… Aug 26 – Nov 24, 2019

Now continues to hold top spot, with The Bear moving on up to take 2nd place… Chuck is in a tail spin, Breeze is down…

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David Bray’s Demographic Breakouts for Edmonton Radio PPM’s .. Sept. 2019

NOW leads three age demographic categories, while SONIC takes the other two.

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Edmonton Radio PPM Ratings .. May 27 – Aug 25 2019

Now continues to lead the pack, followed by CHED and the Breeze… Kiss has taken a significant hit

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Edmonton Radio PPM Demographics June 2019

102.3 NOW! dominates with Women 25-54. (#2 Sonic has half their audience.) With the Male Demo CRUZ-FM wins the race, ahead of The Bear and Sonic 102.9.


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Edmonton Radio PPM Ratings .. Feb. 25 – May 26 2019

Stingray’s Breeze has taken dive from 1st place down to 6th, with Now returning to the number One spot. Gains for the Bear and KiSS


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