David Bray Analysis Vancouver, Edmonton & Calgary PPMs


Courtesy of David Bray…


Vancouver: CKNW grabs the #1 spot for A12+ with a 14.6% share of hours tuned (up from 13.5%).  Taking the top spot for F25-54 was JR-FM posting a 12.3% share followed closely by ROCK 101 at 12.0%. FOX holds the lead for M25-54 listeners, delivering a 13.4 % share (up from 12.5 %).  The FOX is out in front for M18-34 with a 21.1 % share of hrs. tuned (up from 19.5 %). When it comes to Females 18-34, ROCK 101 is well out in front with a 16.9% share.

Edmonton:  UP 99.2 takes #1 with A12+, posting an 8.1% share of hours tuned (flat with the last book). NOW! Radio takes also top spot for F25-54, delivering a 17.2% share (up from 13.9 %). Sonic tops the list for M25-54 with a 13.5 % share (up from 12.1%). For M18-34, Sonic leads the way posting a 20.1%. NOW led with F18-34 delivering a 22.2%.

Calgary: News Talk 770 leads the way for A12+ with an 9.6% (up from 8.3%) 101.5 Today Radio is popular with females, taking #1 spot for F25-54 delivering a 15.9% share (up from 14.5 %).  For M25-54, X92.9 rules with a 9.4% (down from 10.5%). XL 103 takes top spot for M18-34 delivering a 10.9%. Wild 95.3 steps out front for F18-34 posting a 12.5% share followed by Country 105 at 12.4%.


  1. Very surprised that NW is still #1, I never listen after 12 noon anymore, weekdays. And after 11:00 on weekends, not worth listening in on. Jill B so so Lynda S dragged down by Eric C, most of the rest a waste of air space

  2. Alex,

    I guess that’s why when surveying, they ask the question to more than one person – I believe thy call a “sample”.

    Let’s all remember thought – the 12+ means nothing to the buyer.


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