David Bray Analysis Vancouver, Edmonton & Calgary PPMs


Courtesy of David Bray…


Vancouver: CKNW grabs the #1 spot for A12+ with a 14.6% share of hours tuned (up from 13.5%).  Taking the top spot for F25-54 was JR-FM posting a 12.3% share followed closely by ROCK 101 at 12.0%. FOX holds the lead for M25-54 listeners, delivering a 13.4 % share (up from 12.5 %).  The FOX is out in front for M18-34 with a 21.1 % share of hrs. tuned (up from 19.5 %). When it comes to Females 18-34, ROCK 101 is well out in front with a 16.9% share.

Edmonton:  UP 99.2 takes #1 with A12+, posting an 8.1% share of hours tuned (flat with the last book). NOW! Radio takes also top spot for F25-54, delivering a 17.2% share (up from 13.9 %). Sonic tops the list for M25-54 with a 13.5 % share (up from 12.1%). For M18-34, Sonic leads the way posting a 20.1%. NOW led with F18-34 delivering a 22.2%.

Calgary: News Talk 770 leads the way for A12+ with an 9.6% (up from 8.3%) 101.5 Today Radio is popular with females, taking #1 spot for F25-54 delivering a 15.9% share (up from 14.5 %).  For M25-54, X92.9 rules with a 9.4% (down from 10.5%). XL 103 takes top spot for M18-34 delivering a 10.9%. Wild 95.3 steps out front for F18-34 posting a 12.5% share followed by Country 105 at 12.4%.


  1. Very surprised that NW is still #1, I never listen after 12 noon anymore, weekdays. And after 11:00 on weekends, not worth listening in on. Jill B so so Lynda S dragged down by Eric C, most of the rest a waste of air space

  2. I am not surprised that CISL hasn’t improved its ratings despite the surmise of TSN radio. Take away the Canucks broadcasts and you are left with nothing. Sports net 650 is an abject complete failure. The all traffic station is in a virtual dead heat with it. Henry

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