Aircheck(s) with the late Norm Edwards CJAY 92 in Calgary

Norm Edwards (pictured) with another 2 airchecks from the late 80’s on CJAY 92

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Aircheck from yesteryear of Winnipegs CKRC

Mark Summers offers up this aircheck of 630 CKRC Radio in Winnipeg. The best live “Blooper” ever.

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Flashback: CJCA’s Bill and Bill Show, number One radio talk show in Edmonton!

The Bill and Bill Show was a solid number one show in the ratings,


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CKLW Aircheck late 60’s early 70’s – Wow!

Thanks to James Knight and Radio Jingles and Airchecks for this CKLW Aircheck…. its no wonder the Big Eight was Solid Number ONE! The late Byron MacGregor, is also heard doing one of his newscasts…. enjoy!

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Donovan’s Aircheck Corner with Tom Lucas

I chose to feature the “Luker” this week. According to, Tom is now listed as the host of the CISL 650 Morning Show, heard 7:00-10:00 weekday mornings


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KHJ Silver Anniversary – Aircheck

From BOSS Angeles, its the KHJ 25th Anniversary Live Event, a listen to early Boss Radio promos

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Chicago’s WCFL Aircheck from 1972

WCFL Chicagoland aircheck with Steve York…

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K97 Radio – Aircheck 15 – Part 4

Here is The Breakfast Club in action with all the raw behind the scenes action

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Mark Summers presents more radio spots on tv….

Mark Summers rounded up these five Radio Station ads for television for presentation, which starts off above with The good old Z100 in New York City with Scott Shannon.

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TV spot for WKDA in Nashville…

Mark Summers continues to dig up more radio station TV Spots, this one is for WKDA in Nashville…

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