Flashback: CJCA’s Bill and Bill Show, number One radio talk show in Edmonton!


CJCA’s Bill and Bill Show.

Our friend and PSR Contributor Mark Summers presents this classic aircheck
Bill Matheson and Bill Jackson. The 11-2 Show ran Monday to Friday from 11am to 2pm from 1976 to 1992 on 930 CJCA in Edmonton, Alberta. The Bill and Bill Show was a solid number one show in the ratings, far ahead of any other radio show on at the time. It was an interactive “anything Goes” format where listeners could call in on any topic at any time.



  1. I was paving in Barrhead AB in 1980 and a running joke on the show was all the government money flowing into Barrhead because of so many retired Tory MLA’s moving there. It is true, the main street of Barrhead had pavement over a foot thick. Doing paving and listening to Bill and Bill–felt like the center of the world.

  2. Hot news of the day would be Pierre Trudeau doing something to bone the West (yet again) but someone would call in to say they’d seen their first Robin on the farm and off they’d go for 3 hours talking about birds of Alberta. There was nothing else like it on radio, then or now.

  3. Well I sure enjoyed the 17 years working with Bill Mathieson. This nice thing about the show was the unpredictability of the show usually from a Caller. I have so many stories I should write a book or something but at 82 I simply enjoy 109 St and 29 Ave in Beautiful NW Edmonton where is walk daily, read a lot, and find everything I used to do in 10 minutes now takes 1 hour. Oh yeh. I also wake up wondering what part of my body will ache today.

  4. OMG these guys could entertain and story tell. Not like the deadbeat hosts today, especially in Vancouver. I wouldn’t want any of them at a house party (unless I wanted my guests to leave asap). BORING!

  5. To anyone who remembers a guest caller in the show, Ortem the Ukrainian farmer from Hairy Hill, Alberta, who also had Bill and Bill come out to his farm to see the worlds strongest Ukrainian figure holding up two round hay bails, or the Man on the tractor out front of his log cabin farm house,

    Unfortunately Metro Holinski has passed away

  6. I remember a show that evolved, or devolved, into unusual names. They turned it into a contest, the gal that won, her name was “Ima Pyg” she spelled it out for all to hear. And who can forget Clyde Galinka and the Pest control stompers? Best radio show ever.

  7. Best run of shows was when they did the bottom 40 best single segment was when they had callers call in for FOOTBALL FORECAST and do their impressions of the show.

  8. who can remember the show where they tried and tried to see if wetaskiwan was in Hank Snows I been Everywhere lol


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