Longtime Vancouver radio host Jonny Staub tackles new dream career

Johnny Staub

by Amir Ali

DH Daily Hive

July 14, 2022

After 10 years as a morning show host in a competitive Vancouver market working for Virgin Radio, Jonny Staub still is chasing a new dream career; he wants to become a firefighter.

Saying that becoming a firefighter is no easy task is the understatement of the year. You don’t simply apply to become one. It’s physically and mentally gruelling and a true test of endurance and fortitude. It’s actually a lot like being a morning show host, minus the whole risking your life part.

That last part of the job description was a key for Staub though, who Daily Hive reported had recently left his position at Virgin Radio after a decade. While he enjoyed the impact he could make through radio to help people, he wanted to do it in a more direct way.

Aside from the physical requirements and toll of the job, there are exams that one needs to take in order to even qualify to become a firefighter. As anyone who has a full-time job can attest to, working and schooling at the same time is a real struggle. If you do find a way to achieve both it, can be incredibly taxing.

Imagine that times 100 if you’re a morning show host. Having to do your exams and schooling in the evening, then waking up at ungodly hours of the morning and finding enough energy to get to the station to host a morning show. Let alone, driving into Vancouver all the way from Squamish.

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