One Word Makes A Difference, by Paul Kaye

The secret to success in business is durable competitive advantage. Only products that demonstrate a desirable difference to their competitors are likely to win audience attention. Our brains act like filters that protect us from too much information

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Growing As A Coach, by Paul Kaye

“I want my people to be better. All of my people. I want to start with those who have the responsibility for coaching and developing other employees.”

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Spotting Great Talent, by Paul Kaye

Great talent makes the difference. It’s undeniable. Great talent gives your brand a point of difference. They get you noticed and talked about

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Notice me!  Please. Someone. Anyone! by Paul Kaye

There are many people who do good work, sometimes even great work, and yet managers overlook them. Their talents go unrecognized. Their results go barely acknowledged. Their contribution goes unrewarded. The promotion they dream of isn’t on the horizon

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WARNING! You are extremely contagious, by Paul Kaye

How you chose to approach the day has a significant impact not only on your own performance but also on the performance of others. Each morning you have a choice to make – to be positive or negative – to see the glass half full or half empty

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CURIOUS ABOUT… “Best Of” Shows, by Paul Kaye

I often find myself curious about why we do things in Radio. I often worry that we’re just doing things without stopping to evaluate the strategic value gained from our actions


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“Rambling and Reflection After A Week On The Road” by Paul Kaye

As the car rolls to a halt in Vancouver I find myself reflecting. We have just watched the odometer click over to 4437KM after our drive from Toronto back to the West Coast and I’m pretty exhausted. However, in this moment of stillness I find myself ruminating on the many thoughts and observations about the radio I heard as I drove

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Talent, Do These Things… by Paul Kaye

I’m a talent guy. I find radio stations that put the effort into finding entertaining and/or interesting people and focus on creating space for them to perform, tend to leave a better impression with me

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The Difference Between Success And Failure Is A Great Team, by Paul Kaye

Building and cultivating a high performing team is essential for achieving success. In almost every situation, having a well-functioning team is the best way for you to attain high levels of performance, innovation and employee satisfaction.

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Everyone has genius in them, by Paul Kaye

Everyone has genius in them. You just have to know how to uncover it. When you do unlock your inner genius you will be amazed at what you are capable of achieving and how fulfilled you’ll be as you advance your career

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