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Chuck's Classics by Chuck Benson

Chuck’s Classics, featuring Vaughn Munroe…

I get a number of requests from the “older generation", am happy to do so. In 1948 Vaughn Monroe entertained with Ballerina.

Chuck’s Classics, featuring Ricky Nelson…

Rick Nelson from New Jersey in th US had a number of good hits Nelson was in many films, as well their family television show. In 1959 Never Be Anyone Else But You was a hit for Rick.

Chuck’s Classics, featuring Isaac Hayes…

Theme from Shaft in 1971 was from the film of the same name and earned Isaac Hayes an Academy Award for Best Original Song. Hayes died at the age of 65 in 2008.,

Chuck’s Classics, featuring Dorsey Burnette…

Dorsey was an early rockabilly singer. In 1960 he made the charts with Tall Oak Tree.

Chuck’s Classics, featuring Colin James…

A rock & blues singer from Regina. Collin James is still performing. In 1994 he had a modest hit with No More Doggin’.

Chuck’s Classics, featuring The Brian Setzer Orchestra…

A Swing and Blues group that was formed in 1990 and continue to entertain today. One hit for the Brian Stetzer Orchestra was The Dirty Boogie in 1998. Brian Setzer Orchestra

Chuck’s Classics, featuring Mitch Miller…

Mitch Miller was involved in almost all aspect of the music industry, mostly as a conductor. The Yellow Rose Of Texas was a hit for him in 1969.

Chuck’s Classics, featuring The Statler Brothers

The Statler Brothers, popular in country and gospel music, were only active from 1955 to 2002. However they left their mark with the 1965 hit Flowers On The Wall.

Chuck’s Classics, featuring Elton John

As a man in his ’70’s, Elton John continues to sell out performances world-wide. Elton has had singles on the charts right up to 2013. He started out in England in 1962. In 1972 he had a big hit in Crocodile Rock.

Chuck’s Classics, featuring Chuck Berry…

Chuck Berry influenced rock ’n roll, even today. Johnny B. Goode is one of his best sellers from 1957