Thursday, May 26, 2022
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Radio Mans fave with The Kinks

The Kinks were an English rock band formed in Muswell Hill, north London, in 1963 by brothers Ray and Dave Davies.

PSR’s 6 o’clock Wednesday News with the News behind the News...

The Lanterns Have Been Lit, Signal Sent, Shot Heard Around The World

$595 million bailout for news media remains ‘confidential’

The Revenue Agency refused to disclose actual payments.

Are Canadian Media being Paid To Brand The Conservative Party Racist?...

In post-modern Canada, racism is more than a social condition-- it is a political weapon. by Brad Salzberg May 25, 2022 Some social developments should rightly be...

PSR’s 6 o’clock Tuesday News with the News behind the News...

Economic Playbook Known, It’s Happening Again, Economic Agenda Is Failing

Toronto Morning Host John Derringer’s Show Placed On Hiatus Pending External...

CILQ Toronto has placed morning host John Derringer on hiatus

Adam Stirling: Bell Media’s Depressed CFAX 1070 Talk Radio Host Losing...

Stirling stirs and promotes his on air hate for those who would in any way oppose the final narrative of Bonnie Henry and the official (and now very much contested) public health narrative.

PSR’s 6 o’clock Monday News with all the News behind the...

[JB] Says The Quiet Part Out Loud, Alternative Currencies Are Gaining Acceptance

BILLION DOLLAR Museum and NDP Scheme to “Brownwash” BC History, by...

The only history worthy of telling … and memorializing … is the unblemished, unfiltered absolute truth.

‘Critique so stinging, so biting, so brilliant’: ‘The Pauser’ called some...

In Pleasant Good Evening — A Memoir: My 30 Wild and Turbulent Years of Sportstalk, host Dan Russell recounts the highs and lows of hosting a call-in radio sports program in Vancouver for three decades.