Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Radio Mans fave with The Jamies

"Summertime, Summertime," the group's 1958 single for Epic Records, reached #26 on the US Billboard Hot 100

PSR’s 6 o’clock Sunday News with the News behind the News...

Panic In DC, The People Have Been Shown The Way, [D5], Nothing Can Stop This – X22 Report

CNN ratings collapse as network looks for ‘new revenue’—including ‘extending’ the...

Over at CNN the "hunt is on for new revenue" as the news network's "ratings plummet" and "profits slump" below nearly $1 billion

Greg Gutfeld’s Late-Night Fox Show Destroys Competition

In an interview with Forbes, Gutfeld said he’s not looking to be an ideological foe, per se, but rather, he just wants to offer viewers something fun to watch.

PSR’s 6 o’clock Saturday News with the News behind the News...

Peter Navarro – Decertification Is Possible, History Will Show The [DS] Cheated In The Election

A Radio Blog worth Reading with Pat Holiday

A look at today's Fred Jacob's Blog. How Paul McCartney thinks and programs his concerts like a radio PD..

Trump Rally tonight ‘Live’ from Waukesha, Wisconsin…

Trump Rally Live from Wisconson

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Optics Are Important, War-Like Posture Activated? Key Unlocks The Door Of All Doors

PSR’s 6 o’clock Thursday News with the News behind the News...

DeSantis Paves The Way For Future Patriots, Do You See What’s Happening? Panic In DC

Know these things about Alex Jones, by Jon Rappoport

Let’s start here. While Jones was supporting Trump, he also mercilessly attacked the horrifically destructive COVID vaccines. In the process, he forcefully awakened millions of Trump followers to a truth they were unaware of or didn’t want to face. In the process, lives were saved