FATHER’s DAY in Broadcast History .. Sun. June 16th

IT WAS JUNE 16th .. when the first network TV news aired in the US on Dumont’s “News from Washington”…
When the great Dave Garroway was fired as host of NBC-TV’s ‘Today Show’….
When the sitcom ‘My Little Margie’ debuted on CBS-TV…
When the Vancouver-filmed TV series ‘The Dead Zone” debuted on the USA cable channel …
When “The Dean Martin Summer Show” featuring the comedy team of Rowan & Martin, debuted on NBC-TV…
..and when the CRTC authorized the XM & Sirius satellite subscription-based radio/music services for Canadian consumers.
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SATURDAY in Broadcast History .. June 15th

IT WAS JUNE 15th .. when the first-ever radio broadcast of live music took place from Chelmsford, England, featuring Australian soprano Dame Nellie Melba…
When the rural TV comedy/musical show “Hee Haw” with Roy Clark, Buck Owens & Canadian Don Harron, premiered on CBS…
When Rev. David Mainse broadcast the first “100 Huntley Street” program out of its studios at the said address in downtown Toronto…
..and when 83-year-old Bob Barker’s final appearance as emcee of CBS TV’s”The Price Is Right” aired. He had hosted the game show for 35 years!
ALL the milestones for June 15th INSIDE.

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FRIDAY in Broadcast History .. June 14th

IT WAS JUNE 14th … when a U.S. President was heard on the radio for the first time. President Warren G. Harding dedicated the Francis Scott Key Memorial and was heard on Baltimore’s WEAR …
When “The Happy Gang” troupe of musicians, led by Bert Pearl, made their first broadcast on station CRCT, the C-B-C flagship station in Toronto. It became a NATIONAL listening habit 4 months later…
When after 13 years Harold Peary played the role of The Great Gildersleeve on NBC radio for the last time …
When Toronto’s CHUM Radio published its final hit music chart …
..and when NBC-TV’s action-adventure series “A Team,” aired for the last time.
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THURSDAY in Broadcast History .. June 13th

IT WAS JUNE 13th … when the Rolling Stones made an appearance on ABC-TV’s “Hollywood Palace,” during their first tour of North America ….
When John Lennon made his last TV appearance on an ABC-TV salute to UK entertainment mogul Sir Lew Grade that had been taped in April….
When NBC’ late night TV host Tom Snyder interviewed serial killer Charles Manson on what has since become the most famous edition of his “Tomorrow” Show…
..and when Garrison Keilor (pictured), host and storyteller on the award-winning US public radio series, A Prairie Home Companion, left the show and its delightful shores of Lake Wobegon for Denmark where he intended to spend his time writing (he returned to the U.S… and the program … two years later).
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Is Radio Podcasting’s Best Promo Ally?

When Tom Webster released the Infinite Dial Canada 2019 study at Canadian Music Week, one slide caught my eye.

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WEDNESDAY in Broadcast History .. June 12th

IT WAS JUNE 12th … when pioneer Toronto radio station CFCA had its Grand Opening. Foster Hewitt broadcast his first hockey game on CFCA eight months later….
When Pittsburgh’s KDKA became the first 50,000 watt radio station…
When the Sunday night TV extravaganza that would be must-see family viewing for the next twenty years, “Toast of the Town,” (later the Ed Sullivan Show), made its debut on CBS…
..and when the early TV comedy hit “Mr Peepers” starring Wally Cox with Tony Randall, aired for the last time on NBC.
ALL the milestones for June 12th INSIDE.

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TUESDAY in Broadcast History .. June 11th

IT WAS JUNE 11th … when Hank Williams made his debut on the Grand Ole Opry. His performance, with the audience demanding several encores of “Lovesick Blues,” is still considered one of the Opry’s greatest moments…
When the all-black TV sitcom “Amos ‘n Andy” was driven from the air in the heat of the civil rights movement, for its so-called stereotypical characterizations, though the radio version continued for 7 years more …
When the first episode of “Fear Factor” with host Joe Rogan, aired on NBC-TV…
..and the final episode of ‘The Sopranos’ aired on HBO.
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MONDAY in Broadcast History .. June 10th

IT WAS JUNE 10th … when Ed Sullivan’s 19th Anniversary Show on CBS-TV featured Spanky & Our Gang with their big hit, “Sunday Will Never Be the Same”….
When Gary Lewis and the Playboys (pictured) performed their biggest hit “This Diamond Ring” on NBC-TV’s “Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson.”
When the TV horror anthology series “Tales From The Crypt” aired the first of its 93 episodes on US cable channel HBO…
..and when the quirky TV serial drama “Twin Peaks” (the original series) aired for the final time on ABC.
ALL the milestones for June 10th INSIDE.

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SUNDAY in Broadcast History .. June 9th

IT WAS JUNE 9th … when Barbra Streisand made her third appearance on CBS TV’s “Ed Sullivan Show,” and later that night Andy Williams signed in as the Mystery Guest on the same network’s “What’s My Line”…
When Chilliwack’s CHWK AM1270 received CRTC approval to flip to 104.9 FM….
When Canadian party leaders (pictured) debated policy on television for the first time (Pierre Trudeau, Robert Stanfleld, Tommy Douglas and Real Caouette)…
.. and when Green Day was the musical guest on NBC-TV’s Last Call With Carson Daly for the first of four consecutive nights.
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SATURDAY in Broadcast History .. June 8th

IT WAS JUNE 8th .. in the earliest experimental days of television when WGY-TV in Schenectady, NY revamped its regular program schedule. While continuing to broadcast three days a week, there were only two times each day that viewers could watch TV: 1:30 to 2:00 p.m. and 11:30 to Midnight…
It was a different June 8th …..when ‘Lassie’ debuted on ABC radio. It was a 15-minute show about an extraordinary collie…
When the future ‘Mr. Television’ Milton Berle made his debut as host of NBC-TV’s ‘Texaco Star Theatre’….
When Saskatoon radio listeners were first treated to programming from CKOM …
..and when the show that introduced us to John Travolta, “Welcome Back, Kotter” aired its final episode on ABC TV.
ALL the milestones for June 8th INSIDE.

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