Thursday, May 26, 2022
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Regina & Saskatoon Numeris 12+ Diary Fall 2021

Saskatoon at a glance, C-95 tops the charts, with NewsTalk CKOM coming in 2nd place. As for Regina, Jack FM is the winner, Z-95 moves into 2nd place, next CBC' Radio One, then newser CJME

Winnipeg Fall 2021 Numeris Diary 12+

Again, the public broadcaster comes in first place. NewsTalk CJOB is second, with Country QX. Hot and Kiss are both in Basement

Kelowna Numeris 12+ Diary – Fall 2021

Top of the chart is CBC, followed by Pattison's The Beach... Paul Larsen's CKOV, The Lake was not included in these latest numbers, but will be included in next Springs

Victoria Fall 2021 Numeris / Diary 12+

CBC goes even higher placing top of the heap, with The Q coming 2nd place. The Zone has taken a big tumble

Regional BC Spring 2021 Numbers 12+ (Updated)

Numeris Diary numbers compiled by Ted Wendland of Radio West...

Lethbridge Radio Ratings.. Spring 2020

CHLB Country Skyrockets with 21.4, whereas 2nd place CJOC takes a dive...  

Saskatoon Radio Ratings.. Spring 2020

C-95 holds top spot and up a notch, Newstalk and Cool are down and Cruz has climbed

Regina Radio Diary Ratings .. Spring 2020

Z99 rules the roast, with Jack going up a notch to second place, followed by The Wolf

Winnipeg Radio Diary Ratings .. Spring 2020

CBW holds the lead in Winnipeg, followed by Newstalk CJOB and Country CFQX. Kiss has climbed up a notch

Victoria Radio Diary Ratings .. Spring 2020

CBC Radio One dominates the 12+ chart, followed by The Q and C-FAX. #4 The Zone continues to climb.