Regional BC Spring 2021 Numbers 12+ (Updated)


PSR thanks our friend and radio ratings expert Ted Wendland of Radio West for compiling the latest BC Regional Numeris Numbers


There was no Spring 2021 ratings for Kamloops and Prince George





  1. Wow, the Beach sure took a sh** kicking, and to think Larsen’s The Lake were not included in these numbers, just wait until the next book.


    Pardon me, with apologies. It appears Numeris has not only upgraded their page, but corrected the Kelowna numbers. The Beach has a comfortable number of 9.3 share of the audience. It’s too bad Numeris no longer does a Fall tally for this market. It will be a year from now when we will know how Paul Larson’s The Lake has succeeded, and I believe they will, Significantly!

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