Host Quits After Being Told to Follow The Format

Bond is no stranger to controversy. According to he was hired at WTPA about three years ago. He returned to PA in 2013, after a two-year prison sentence for a $4.3 million forged check scheme.


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Megyn Kelly: did NBC hire her to destroy FOX?

NBC execs are either dumb as rocks, or it’s part of a plan to send FOX down the drain

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Legendary Local New York TV Reporter Gabe Pressman Dead at 92

To generations of mayors, governors and ordinary New Yorkers, he was Gabe: the short, rumpled, pushy guy from Channel 4 who seemed always on the scene, elbowing his way to the front and jabbing his microphone in the face of a witness or a big shot.

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Producer Satiar Shah Leaves TSN 1040 for Host Gig at Sportsnet 650??

Some in the know in the media think he’s getting a host spot. Some think he’s going for a similar type role he had at 1040.


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The Bermudas have today’s almost forgotten track

this haunting little number hit the charts in the mid-60s with little fanfare but the young ladies who made up The Bermudas had a moment in the sun, including this appearance on one of Dick Clark’s shows…

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FRIDAY in Broadcast History .. June 23rd

IT WAS JUNE 23rd … when Chilliwack’s first radio station CHWK signed on at 1210 KHz with 5 watts. At first it only broadcast an hour or two a day…
When Don McNeill took over as host of Chicago’s ‘Pepper Pot’ program, and renamed it ‘The Breakfast Club’ which ran on the networks for 35 years…
When ‘The Jimmy Durante Show’ concluded its run on NBC-TV, and ‘The Pat Boone Show’ ran for the last time on ABC-TV…
…and when ‘The David Letterman Show’ began its torturous 4-month run on NBC-TV daytime.
ALL the milestones for the date INSIDE.

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Roundhouse Radio’s CEO Don Shafer talks about Local versus National with Jim Goddard

Great interview with Don Shafer, founder and CEO of Roundhouse Radio…

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Retired from TV, John Daly Takes on a Weekly Radio Show

John’s new radio talk show, Back on the Beat, will air on Saturdays at 11 a.m. on CKNW AM980.


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HBO, Host John Oliver Sued Over Segment/Skit on Coal Mining

HBO has been hauled into court over a June 18 broadcast of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, which covered President Donald Trump’s generous treatment of the coal industry.

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THURSDAY in Broadcast History .. June 22nd

IT WAS JUNE 22nd … when radio station KVL 1370 Seattle debuted on the air at 6:30pm with more than 6 hours of musical celebration featuring live orchestras playing jazz, classical and Hawaiian music…
When the final episode of “You Bet Your Life”/”The Groucho Show” aired on NBC-TV…
When the 22-year old Barbra Streisand signed a 10-year contract with CBS-TV worth about $200,000 a year…
..and when the 134th & final episode of “Xena: Warrior Princess” aired in North America.
ALL the milestones for the date INSIDE.

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