Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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PSR’s 6 o’clock Tuesday Night News with the News You Should...

Information War Moves To The Next Level, War Paint Is Applied, Day Of Days, Freedom – X22 Report

‘Laverne & Shirley’ actress Cindy Williams dies at 75, AP reports

Cindy Williams, who played Shirley alongside Penny Marshall's Laverne in "Laverne & Shirley," one of the most popular U.S. TV shows of the 1970s and 1980s, has died at 75, the AP reported on Monday, citing a statement from her family.

Hockey legend Hull passes away at 84, by Myke Thomas of...

One of hockey’s most prolific goal scorers, NHL Hockey Hall of Famer Bobby Hull – The Golden Jet — has died at the age of 84.

PSR’s 6 o’clock Monday Night News with the News you should...

[DS] Covering Up Bioweapons Production, Trump Sends Message, Optics Are Important – X22 Report

PSR’s 6 o’clock Sunday Night News with the News behind the...

[DS] Pushing Antifa, Chaos, Civil War, Trump Counters The Narrative By Mentioning The Military

Pronunciation is Important, especially with local radio

I believe it's high time that some of the on-air folk in Vancouver Radio other than the CBC clean up their act.

PSR’s Saturday Evening News with the News You Should Know….

The Recall of David Eby and Bill 36

Research Director Inc., PPM Exclusive Holiday ’22 Analysis For Seattle-Tacoma

You’ll need popcorn for this one. Fully five stations turned their programming over to the elves. Three made an impact, with two landing at the top of the 6+ leaderboard.

Radio Mans fave with Redbone

Redbone is an American rock band founded in 1969 by brothers Pat and Lolly Vegas.

Bonnie Henry Emails. She Knew!!!

After reading Bonnie Henry's Emails, it's clear to say, she knew something was wrong with the covid-19 vaccines, right from the get-go