Rocco Galati files Covid case against Bonnie Henry, John Horgan, Mike Farnsworth, Adrian Dix, and Others, including Trudeau/Tam – Video Interview Added


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Press Conference with Rocco Galati and Tanya Gaw 


Action4Canada and the Constitutional Rights Centre believe the government is infringing on human rights and have exceeded their authority causing irreparable harm. Their actions appear to constitute criminal negligence, breach of trust, incitement of hatred, crimes against humanity committed against our elderly, our children and society at large, by withholding life-saving treatments, causing extreme psychological trauma due to the ordering of isolation, lockdowns, masking, social distancing and, without making full, true and plain disclosure of the known risks thereof, mandating and promoting dangerous experimental medical injections which they know, or ought to know, cause adverse reactions and death.
The government’s dictatorial and unlawful measures and their out-of-control spending, in response to COVID-19 are further destroying our businesses, our communities, and our economy. Many small businesses have been forced to close. Furthermore, the escalating national debt is putting the future of our children and grandchildren at risk.
The measures are in violation of the Constitution and nearly every section of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Canadians have “guaranteed” rights. Such as Section 7 of the Charter and 1(a) of the Bill of Rights; “the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice”.
The government’s actions are putting our sovereignty, national security, and our democracy at risk .
On August 16th, 2021, Action4Canada formally filed legal action in the BC Supreme Court, which was issued by the court on August 17th and communicated to the plaintiffs on August 20th, by the court,  to hold multiple parties accountable for their actions with respect to COVID-19 measures. The defendants include: the Government of Canada, the Government of British Columbia, various public health officers, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and others. Action4Canada is committed to defending faith, family and freedom.
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May be an image of 3 people and text that says 'THE BC 3 B.C. GOV'T EUGENICS PROGRAM PROPAGANDA DEPARTMENT 2 2 IT'S TIME το LOCK UP THE LOCKDOWNERS!'



  1. Good News, we as a society have to start putting the ‘SCARED’ back into politicians and bureaucrats. They are all over the so called western world growing too big for their britches.

  2. This is what’s needed. Rocco is a true hero. I thought the gov worked for us. If we allow them to break the law and force us to this then it will never be the same again. Let’s all back Rocco !!!!!

  3. I’d be curious to know who provided some of the evidence from the medical side. It sound like the same folks who were working with Reiner Fuellmich’s people. Dr David Martin is another one who has pages of evidence based on patent applications by big pharma, proving that all of this was orchestrated.

    I hope the judges in the case are willing to look closely at the evidence regarding the PCR testing because the entire premise of the “pandemic” was based on this fraud.

  4. You have my total support.
    The various levels of government play with the actual covid data, and with their constant barrage of covid so-called cases and wrongly assigned deaths, have most people believing what they say. The draconian government response to a very exaggerated risk must be stopped before we lose all the freedoms that our ancestors fought for.
    Thank You!

  5. It is a real shame that those who aren’t applauding Rocco can’t seem to grasp the slippery slope we are heading for. How is this not segregating people? Do yourselves a favor and read up on Informed Consent. This was about a virus that had a 99.9% recovery rate if you weren’t elderly and have underlying conditions. What changed? And its not the variants. The CDC even said that out of the all the deaths in the USA only 6% were real covid putting that about 37,000 deaths which is a normal flu season. Morbidity rate about 79 and the covid deaths about 79. To those that think this is a nuisance I leave you with this. If they can force you to take a vaccine that still for emergency use only (The vaccine they approved this week isn’t even produced yet. You can find that online) they can make you do anything they want. And if your employer forces you to take the vaccine and should something happen to you, can your employer be sued? Will your insurance cover any conditions as a result of the vaccine? Dangerous precedents that need to be fought. What is next? What other information will you have to give them and rules to follow. Obese people are one of the leading causes of numerous other diseases and conditions. Will they be next? Bravo Rocco.

  6. The Tinfoils were 100% correct. Plain as day. Denying that fact is stupidity or malice.

    “No Exceptions!”

    Kind of has a totalitarian ring to it doesn’t it? The kind of thing Dictators and Tyrants say.

    It’s exactly what Bonnie Henry said.

    Let that sink in folks.

  7. I have looked at the UK PHE and can not find anything that the Variant are 885% more deadly due to Vaccines Please send me a link to where I might find this information as the PHE is still stating that the Vaccine works.

  8. Jennie,

    The variants are doing what every virus variant in the world (save for the chicken vaccine-induced one) has ever done. They are the result of evolving to their more stable varieties as their original form (in this case the Chinese BioWeapon Form) are not naturally found in nature nor are they capable of naturally forming in nature due to their configurations being genetically improbable due to charge interference of the nucleotides. Every time the virus replicates it has the force of nature prompting or favouring a nucleotide replacement with something more favourably charged. What this means is that it starts to mutate into something that is allowed in nature and thus has already been, for the most part, seen in nature. As we have all been exposed to myriad coronaviruses, the mutated forms are more like what our immune system has already seen. The best part is that since we have already seen this, we either don’t get sick or have lesser elements of being sick and recover. Then we have what is called sterilizing immunity.

    On the other hand. For those that have gotten the mRNA therapeutic designed to make huge amounts of S1 spike protein. You are not immunized to the virus, you are immunized to one component of the virus. Any version of the Chinese Bioweapon Virus that is circulating, whether the original or mutated ones, will trigger your immune system S1 spike protein response (unless the mutation is at the S1 spike protein location, which lessens the response). The concern here is that the body will overreact to the S1 spike trigger and thus undergo a hyperactivity of antibody response. This is what is called A.D.E.

  9. Thank you from the depths of my heart — to Tanya, co-organizers and donors, and to you Good Man, Righteous and Brave, Rocco Galati!
    The statement of claim p. 331: “respiratory virus such as SARS-CoV-2 which leads to COVID-19”
    seems to confirm the existence of the phony virus.
    Page 334 (section 321.b), mentions virus identitification by golden standard procedure.

    But the claim is silent about the fact that SARS CoV-2 has not been established by any jurisdiction nor institution in the world (incl. WHO, CDC, BC CDC), to exist in patients exhibiting covid-19 symptoms.

    Also worth mentioning is the self-spreading of the “vaccines” — a risk to the unvaxed and less then fully vaxed.

    Some refs. assembled under appropriate headings:

    Is it ok to lift from the statement of claim and re-publish separately the compilations of evidence?

    I back up the post and doc just in case:

  10. One of my major concerns is the directive to BC physicians NOT to prescribe Ivermectin as prevention/treatment, a safe and effective treatment for CV that has fewer side effects than Ibuprofen. It has reduced physicians to the role of civil servants rather than adhering to their oath to do no harm and act in the best interests of their patients.

  11. @Judith Hoilett August 29, 2021 At 8:06 am
    The statement of claim mentions it,if I recall from a quick read, e.g. sectioin 165 p. 147. For more, my internal “find” doesn’t work for some reason. And if the claim doesn’t elaborate this point sufficiently, then it must be amended; it’s an unlawful, genocidal order by power-hungry psychos bent on aiding bankster transformation to NWO.

  12. Related “news”……..the past couple of days CHEK News has carried stories, one local about a man who “almost died” of covid, urging us all to get the shot. Today (Sunday) a story from Texas, about a man who once organized an anti-mask rally, who has died of the ‘rona.

    Is it time we challenge not only CHEK News, but all media to perhaps air a story about someone who now has Bell’s Palsy, or suffered a heart attack, perhaps a miscarriage ? Someone who has suffered the shot, urging us all to avoid the shot.

    We all know someone who’s fallen ill (or worse) after the shot. Share that information in the form of a news tip. See if it ever sees daylight on “the news”.

  13. @Lance Boyle August 28, 2021 At 12:18 pm
    Lance, how can variants exist if nowhere in the world SARS-CoV-2, the parent of “variants” has not been isolated, purified and identified genomically?
    Let’s leave the “Chinese” of the bio-weapon aside. The banksters control the world and its labs. They also control science publications, technology and paradigms:

    Let’s leave aside the so-certain mechanisms of destruction. Spike proteins, perhaps prion-like particles or maybe something else is/willbe at play with the “boosters” containing God knows what, or other binary weapon options such as electromagnetic/torsion field irradiation.

    Torsion field beams from China, Russia, US, British satellites have been influencing voters. Health and body function signals inside us are not electromagnetic (energy) but torsion fields (information). Each pathogen has a characteristic emf frequency, each emf carries a torsion field with it, to a much greater distance.
    Dr. Fraudci’s gain-of-function research a decade ago involved diff. emf frequencies, not necessarily those in 5G:

    Nobilist Luc Montagnier got the credit for sending a pathogen’s torsion field info remotely. Recipient organism reacted as if it was a real pathogen.

    Montagnier relicated research by Pyotr P. Garyayev: who shoulkd have gotten not just the credit for the discovery, but a Nobel Price, too:

    I have an important confidential communication re the statement of claim. Could Tanya please contact me?

  14. the tyranny is for total control over a 10 year planned period. we must stop them now! the injections are kill shots and are murdering millions around the world. it is for depopulation from psychopaths. we were lied to in march of 2020. there is no fcking virus because there is no isolation or purification of it. there are no tests. there are no variants. there are poison kill shots filled with graphene oxide, parasites, metals, copper, aluminum and so on. a new report shows what it is these kill shot. this is a war we are in, not a pandemic. PLANDEMIC.

  15. how to win a case during this tyranny: make them give you isolation/purification. you win the case and it’s over, all of it. if restaurants and venues go forward with the passport, they should not be frequented anymore so their doors are closed. restaurants in NYC are banning together with a class action lawsuit because they refuse to ask for passports. warrior up folks. kary mullis creator and nobel prize winner for the pcr test clearly said THIS IS NOT FOR VIRAL DIAGNOSIS. ALSO, THEY ARE NOT VACCINES. STOP CALLING THEM THAT. THEY ARE POISON KILL SHOTS. WE ALSO NOW KNOW WHAT IS IN THEM VIA MICROSCOPIC IMAGING. SEE DR. JANE RUBY. SHE HAS POSTED IT FROM ANOTHER DOCTOR WHO DID ALL THE RESEARCH. GRAPHENE OXIDE, METALS, PARASTIES, COPPER, ALUMINUM AND MANY OTHER ADJUNCTS. ALL POISON TO THE BODY. THERE ARE NO FCKING VARIANTS!!!!

  16. The videos of Trudeau getting his proverbial ass kicked by thousands of citizens of canada are fantastic. There is no way he is getting in except to steal it. He wouldn’t even get off his bus because the crowd was chanting, ‘fck trudeau’ over and over again.

  17. @Fake News
    By being in support of this vexatious lawsuit, are you also in support of the denial that Covid even exists?
    Do you agree that any Government action was not justified, is unlawful and therefore should have done nothing? See how well that worked in Sweden.
    Do you agree that the 26,000 plus people that have died to date in Canada, that have been attributed to Covid, died from something else? If so, please explain what is killing them.
    Please explain what you think would be the successful outcome of this lawsuit?

  18. Today’s “news” shows 23 people at an Esquimalt seniors’ facility have tested positive for covid.
    Does not make any mention of the vaccination status of any of them, however knowing what we know about the initial push–we can easily say that most, if not all, have been double-shot. Also in the story is a line that says many of the positive “patients” have no symptoms. No symptoms, of a disease that is so dangerous we’ve had to shut down the economy and huddle in fear, while wearing masks and being bombarded by endless images of people getting needled ?? How can that be ? Could it be that the tests for this disease are flawed, just like the vaccine for this ailment ? Could it be that the reaction to covid has been amplified to the point of absurdity ?

    Feel free to hound your nearest media outlet to give air/ear to simple loigic. And of vaccine related
    illness and death. Double-dog-dare them to show the other side of the story.

  19. larry fine
    Which news source did you get your info from?
    I went to CTV and this is what they say, in part:
    A total of 22 people – nine staff and 13 residents – have tested positive for COVID-19 at the home, which is operated by the Salvation Army. Island Health says most residents are not currently experiencing symptoms of the disease.

    It says ‘most residents are not currently experiencing symptoms’ not ‘patients’
    This was published today.

    Then I found this in the Saanich News “As of Saturday, Island Health said no residents are experiencing symptoms and the risk remains low. Communication with residents, families and other staff is ongoing.”

    Again, residents not patients.

    Which news source said patients?

  20. T Tree,
    You referred to the lawsuit as vexatious.
    Please explain why this lawsuit is vexatious.

    You let your TV tell you what to think…..sad!
    I’m guessing you’ve got the double jab?

  21. T.Tree–as you can see, wording is VERY important in any news article. What I meant by use of the word “patients” was that having now tested positive and under the watch of medical professionals, they are patients. Residents of the facility yes–but patients of the pandemic. I am a resident of my home, I am a patient of my detiist. The question remains–how can this deadly powerful virus
    manage to skirt around a vaccine, while showing no symptoms ?

  22. Dr. Wojtkowiak on virus gain-of-function under radiowave frequency radiation:

    SARS CoV-2 does not exist, but other viruses could gain virulence and aggressiveness — a binary adjunct to the “covid” bio-weapon that together, after second jab, weaken the strongest humans to total helplessness even under ordinary coronavirus?

  23. @ttree

    You mention Sweden. What about them? Looks like they got it right. Denmark just dropped and opened everything. And they have vaccinated 70+ of their population. I have yet to see any media challenge these politicians and health care to explain how is it that the unvaxed are the spreaders. Those professionals that said we need herd immunity (Dr. Scott Atlas) was sh*t on. The Delta is spreading but its not as lethal. Again we have cases and that is the focus of the media not that way fewer deaths. 26000 “covid”deaths in Canada. Again need for color. If I tell you the stats you wont believe so do your own research. Check the ages of those that died and drill down to find the underlying causes of the deaths. No one is denying we have a problem but they have gotten everything wrong from day one which was 14 days to flatten the curve and lets protect the elderly and those with underlying conditions. FACT! Masks dont work but we continue to have them shoved in our face. And if you are double vaxed shouldn’t you be protected? But no it will reduce the severity of the infection. Is that how vaccines work? Looking for the science here.

  24. Fake News….please look up the meaning of vexatious.
    And why didn’t you answer my questions?

    Larry Fine….You appear to be twisting words around to suit your narrative. Much like the evil MSM. Here’s a thought, what if the ‘patients’ who contracted Covid refused to get vaccinated? I don’t believe any resident of a long term care facility was forcibly held down and injected against their will. And please point me to the article that said each of the 13 residents was double vaccinated.

    Teddy Baxter….You think Sweden got it right. Yet their own King, Carl XVI Gustaf has publicly said they have ‘failed’ in their approach. And what does Demark have to do with it? A low vaccine rate and no mask policy doesn’t seem to have eliminated Covid in Florida. The median age of Covid infected persons was in the high 30’s.

  25. T Tree, the initial story about the 3 staff had words to the effect that it would not be disclosed if they had been vaccinated because that would be some sort of privacy violation. That is MSM speak ! Meaning, we won’t be told anything “bad” about the vaccine. For our own good of course. Seniors and people who work with them were among the first to be offered the shots, certainly not held down against their will, but certainly persuaded by media’s constant nagging. Question remains—how is this virus evading the vaccination ?

  26. @TTree

    Wow you are going to listen to the king of Sweden who wouldn’t know how to spell king if you gave him the first 3 letters of the word. You should read up on this playboy before you use him as an epidemiologist. And Tree Reuters, ABC and the likes of left wing media shouldn’t be your only source of news. And back to this case by Rocco if you can’t see the danger to let government get away with this then unfortunately no explanation will suffice for you. I suggest reading 1984 and watching Schindler’s list. Have a nice day

  27. In Canada, as of August 14, 2021, there has been 7,363 total deaths from covid19.
    **6,035 (82.0%) were unvaccinated.
    **639 (8.7%) were not yet protected by the vaccine, as their episode date occurred less than 14 days after their first dose.
    **570 (7.7%) were only partially vaccinated.
    **119 (1.6%) were fully vaccinated.

    With those odds I’m glad I got fully vaccinated.

  28. Teddy Baxter: I don’t know the ages. However, I suspect most were over 60 years of age.

    I’m 69 years old and don’t want to take the chance of catching covid19 and having to deal with the terrible ramifications it can cause.

    IMO, any person over 60 years of age who doesn’t get vaccinated is placing themselves in harm’s way needlessly. Yes, there can always be some negative effects from any vaccine, however, that risk is far more lower than catching this terrible virus. Each to their own, but for me the choice I made was a logical one.

  29. Nao

    And you should have that choice. This shouldn’t be about diving a country and the world. What happened to 14 days to flatten the curve and 99.9% catching and surviving this? Fact-Masks don’t work. Fact-social distancing and washing hands don’t work. Fact-asymptomatic don’t spread. Fact-There are therapeutics that work. Fact-This virus affects elderly and those with underlying conditions. Fact-Average age of death is 79, average death from covid is 79. Fact-The CDC reports that only 6% of the over half million deaths in the US is of covid. Thats 36000 give or take. That changes the narrative a little. Fact-These vaccines have lost their efficacy over time and thats why there will be boosters. Fact- We should know more about absolute vs relative risk reduction and why that matters. Fact-Media needs to stop reporting cases. And they do it to spread fear and force you to vax. As they do now with these passports. They are creating two classes of people and that is what should be scaring you more than covid. Nao check out the Vaers website and look at when the cases spiked. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Nao those are my reasons for being hesitant (NOT THE SAME AS ANTIVAX). There isn’t enough data on these vaccines and you can’t untake it. I will wait in jail for the next 6 months waiting to see the side effects. Your right should not trump my right. This is about control plain and simple and its not the country I came to 60 years ago.

  30. Teddy Baxter
    You sound like a person who is terrified of your inability to control your own life. And now you have to project your fears onto the world around you. Instead of focusing on the perceived loss of control, look at the real world. Women and young girls in Afghanistan have lost any control over their lives. In China, their citizens have never had control. And no hope of ever getting control. Do you think you would be able to post what you have in China?
    In Syria, no control. Saudi Arabia, North Koria, Maynmar The list could go on and on.
    Yet we have the control to vote out the Government. Read up on Bill C-10, that should be worrying you more than having to wear a mask. We can do that in a few weeks. I would argue we are truly the ones in control, not the Government.

    And don’t forget to take your Ivermectin

  31. T Tree

    Thanks for the history lesson. Only problem is that those places you speak of have pretty well lived under tyranny forever. That is why when and if they can, those people get out and go where? Right to free countries. You seem to forget that there is a Charter of Rights and a Constitution that permits me to say and do. Syria? Saudi? China? NOT. Tree there is also the Nuremberg Code and Informed Consent. And while we are on history did you happen to check what killed many people during the Spanish Flu? Majority of deaths they died from bacterial pneumonia. Yup wearing a mask. And fact is today wearing a mask doesn’t do anything to stop the spread. So Tree you shouldn’t be worried if I don’t want to take the vaccine because these passports won’t let us cross paths. You can still be out there giving eating in restaurants while the non vaxed have to push their nose up against the glass to watch you eat. I am ok with being relegated to the back of the bus. I left a country like that so I know what it feels like. This isn’t about losing control but taking it back. This won’t end and you will be taking booster after booster and I will take my chance with proven methods of keeping my immunity healthy and should I need to take Ivermectin I will without a blink of an eye because I know its a nobel prize winning drug that has been around for over 60 years and administered every day. Do you even know whats in the vaccine you took? Enjoy your day. Time for me to watch the History Channel.

  32. Question: If it’s raining and you use an umbrella does your umbrella work to keep rain off you even if I or others do not use an umbrella?

    If you said, “Yes.” then why the Hell do you care if any other persons choose not to be a part of a global program to inject us all with an ‘experimental vaccine?’

    To follow up, any persons who demand mandated injections of these so-called vaccines let me ask you a few questions.

    1: Would you demand a person with a peanut allergy to ingest peanuts or peanut products?

    *** Odds are your answer would be no and for the understanding of health reasons.

    2: Would you demand a person who is Hindu or Sikh to be made to eat beef or beef products?

    *** Odds are your answer would be no and for the understanding that it would be against their religion/culture.

    3: Would you demand a person who is Jehovah Witness to be made to take a blood transfusion?

    *** Odds are your answer would be no and for the understanding that it would be against their religion?

    4: Would you demand a person who suffers from HIV/AIDS to take any medicines regardless of side effects?

    *** Odds are your answer would be no and for the understanding that it would violate their own bodily choice as to any medical effects?

    4a: Would you also demand any persons who have HIV/AIDS be made to wear a label or sign noting that they have HIV/AIDS?

    *** Odds are your answer would be no and for the reasons of it being discriminating and even anti-human.

    5: Would you demand that vegans be made to incorporate meat and meat products into their diet?

    *** Odds are your answer would be no and for the reasons of it violating their conscious choice to live the vegan life.

    5a: Conversely if you are on who eats meat and meat products in your diet, would you be ok if others made you stop eating meat and meat products?

    *** Odds are you would not be ok if others arbitrarily made you stop eating meat and meat products as a part of your diet.

    6: So I ask why do you think it’s ok to force other persons to take an injection of a so-called vaccine if they may not want to for any personal reasons, religious, cultural, health or of conscience?

    7: Who the Hell are you, be you in government, bureaucracy, business, media or just some bum citizen Joe and Mary Sixpack to force others against their will to take a medical procedure and in this case forced inoculations that have a proven track record of in just 9 months knowingly killed tens of thousands globally and injured millions globally?

    Look most who choose not to take these injections are not even anti vax as most have take all the known and proven generally safe actual vaccines in life, many choose to take seasonal flu shots. No, it’s about bodily autonomy and free choice. It’s about fighting evil of others thinking they own your body and life and not you. This is a slippery slope to potential human persecution and eventual genocide.

    If you still after reading my post here feel that it’s ok to through government and or business force these Covid 19 jabs onto others, then likely your day will come when the powers to be in all their vile arrogance demand you take a medical procedure or injection you may not want to take. THINK FOR ONCE YOUR SHEEPISH LIFE!

    Anyone who values my post here wishes to cut and paste it anywhere you feel it may help including to politicians, bureaucrats, media and businesses, the go ahead use it as you wish.

    God created each of us with our own freedom of choices, good or bad in life and over our bodily autonomy. No man shall have power over such.

  33. Les,
    Re: Question #1
    I care because the unvaccinated people are filling up the hospitals to the point where elective surgeries are being postponed or cancelled. Even some cancer surgeries are been postponed causing people unnecessary anxiety and risk. That’s just one example of the problems anti-vaxxers are creating for society.

  34. Nao,

    Have you or do you follow B.C.’s Covid 19 Official tracking panel? If you do you will see that unvaccinated people are not filling up hospitals. The current surge is a fraction of the numbers the Spring 2021 surge had and that one did not overflow our hospitals either. The B.C. government tracking panel breaks down cases, hospitalizations and deaths by region. If you view it you will see overall in B.C. is only getting about 2-3 daily hospitalizations per 100,000 on a 7 day average. This Nao is hardly swamping our hospitals.

    The largest regions population wise, Vancouver Health, Fraser Health and I’ll toss in Vancouver Island Health only see about 2 daily hospitalizations per 100,000 population. The current highest rate of hospitalizations is Northern Health that is maybe 4-5 daily hospitalizations per 100,000 population. Interior Health is about 4 daily hospitalizations per 100,000 population.

    OBTW B.C. government Covid 19 tracking panel DOES NOT tell us which hospitalizations are unvaccinated or are vaccinated. For all we know the few hospitalizations could all be double vaxxed Nao.

    As to postponed medical procedures you noted, surely this has nothing to do with what are still few in numbers of hospitalizations due to Covid 19. Healthcare systems all over the western world at least during the last 18-19 months have INTENTIONALLY! cut back all sorts of procedures and services. Nowhere in much of the world were any hospitals run ragged and overflowing all this time. We saw stories of nurses, doctors and other staff being furlowed all through most of the western world at least over these last 18-19 months.

    Now you bring up canceled procedures? I think you need to stop just getting your info, incorrect as it is from water carrying media and health bureaucrat talking heads.

    All of Canada is seeing only a modest blip up in cases right now and we know cases do not all mean illness. No hospitals in Canada are being overfilled by Covid 19 patients according to actual stats. This said again none tell us if they are vaxxed or not.

    As to deaths, going back to B.C. numbers the Covid deaths are a trickle and have been at or near ZERO daily for almost 6 months now.

    Now ask yourself Nao, if our B.C. hospitals are running out of beds due Covid 19 ‘Delta’ surge (BTW again B.C. stats show this is not so)and staff run ragged, then why is the government threatening job loss for nurses, hospital technicians, lab techs and such (along with paramedics, firefighters and police officers) if they do not surrender their bodily rights to ‘jabbo’ the Covid 19 vaccine via BIG BROTHER?


    Facts as I presented to you Nao speak for themselves, YOU SADLY ARE BEING LIED TO IF YOU BELIEVE WHAT YOU TELL ME!

    Finally B.C. is at about 70-75% vaxxed, if these damned jabs work as you all believe then combined with natural infection immunity (BTW it’s proven to be the best and truest immunity for Covid 19) then we should be at herd immunity by now?

    Immunology and virology is a long known science by now. But it seems too many in the health bureaucracy and industry have mentally forgotten how it works now. OR DO THEY HAVE A DARKER AGENDA NAO!?

    Listen, B.C. has 5,100,0000 population. B.C government reports about 170,000 cases in total going back to Feb. 2020 If you think only 170,000 B.C.ers have caught the coof then I have a bridge to sell you. If you accept those numbers then you agree that only about 3% of all B.C.ers have over 19 months caught the coof. If that is so then SARS-coV-2 is NOT a very contagious virus.

    Now I use logic and time to assume that easily 60-70% of all B.C.ers have likely contracted the coof by now (3,000,000 to 3,500,000). Why do I suggest such? Because studies show that up to 90% of all Covid 19 cases present with no or very mild symptoms and likely never were reported or tracked. Another up to 8.5 to 9% of cases were more serious, many requiring hospitalizations and those that did so were reported and tracked. Now sadly between 1- 1.5% of all cases resulted in death. Death with Covid 19 but not necessarily from Covid 19.

    So this all said nothing should be acceptable for the forceable injection of a medical substance into any unwilling arm. To do so is a violation of HUMAN RIGHTS! and will if unchecked lead us down a path to medical tyranny, persecution and likely eventual genocide.

    All of this last 19 months from governments, bureaucracies and fake news media bullshit and lies has led me to now better understand how 65 million modern at the time Germans from 1933-1945 could stand by and watch 6 million Jews and millions of others from homosexuals, labour union leaders, socialists/communists, media troublemakers, dissidents and such be persecuted, tortured and genocided and sadly with minds of many like you seem to show Nao, YOU AND THEM SCARE THE HELL OUT OF ME!!!

  35. BTW, SARS-coV-2 came to Canada by late November 2019 and not Feb. 2020. No way could it not have with all the travel to and from Communist China after they officially reported SARS- coV-2 by early November 2019. Many suspect it sprung up in China in September 2019.

    So I accept SARS-coV-2 reaching Canada by for sure late November or early December 2019. For myself just before Christmas 2019 I caught what felt was a cold, but in all my adult life I never had one like that one. Every cold I get as an adult almost identical in symptoms and progression in my body. These colds take between 3-4 days to run their course in me. The cold I felt I caught before Christmas 2019 was weird symptoms wise and it took between 6-7 days to effectively pass. Now was it the coof? I don’t know, but it could have been for all I know…. Just sayin.

  36. Nao

    Do you feel the same way about smokers, obese people, alcoholics, drug addicts that also put a strain on our health care system and resources?

    You aren’t going to change anti-vaxers. But hesitancy is not the same. The goalposts have been a moving target for almost 2 years. You call it what you want but the powers that be are NOT following science.

    Do yourself a favor and watch this two parter from Dr. Robert Malone the inventor of the Mrna technology.

    And there are other doctors whose voices you won’t hear on MSM. Doctors like Bryam Bridle, Peter McCullough and Geert Vanden Bossche.

  37. As of Sept. 6 2021 a total of 8,796 British Columbians have sought hospital care from Covid 19, going back to its beginnings in Feb. 2020. How many of those 8,796 were admitted patients or were just out patients visiting ER we don’t know.

    Now B.C. has 161 hospitals if we just do simple division we see that 8,796/161= 55.75 hospital patients per each hospital in B.C. with the coof since Feb. 20 2020. Hardly overwhelming our hospital systems folks.

    Now of course patients are not distributed evenly between all 161 hospitals but it’s enough of an answer to know that none of the B.C (and I will extend to all of Canada) hospitals have been overwhelmed by Covid 19.


    If I can find this info out, then why does our mainstream media not do true news journalism and get this type of info out to you all? I’ll tell you why, because they carry water for the cabal and are bought off in doing so. Every news caster, every editorialist, every editor, every producer and every talkshow host are all just WHORES to this evil cabal.

    WE DO NOT HAVE A MAINSTREAM NEWS MEDIA ANYMORE IN CANADA, THE USA AND MOST OF TRE WESTERN WORLD! On top of that the major social media hubs are just as corrupted and evil now.

  38. I’m not talking about BC since the vast majority of people have been vaccinated. However, back when the majority of people were not vaccinated the hospitals were overcrowded with covid19 patients.

    Look at the hospitals in the US where the vast majority of overcrowding is caused by unvaccinated patients. Please explain that to me.

  39. The company I work for has done some legal due diligence and risk assessment pertaining to mandatory vaccines in the office. Fascinating and incredible stuff.

    Legally, you are not allowed to force anyone to take a vaccine, or disclose whether you have received the jab. Government(s) cannot legally force people to take the vax. So they are doing the end around, by creating restrictions to coerce its citizens into compliance.

    This stuff is so ridiculous, it’s sublime. You can be asked to show proof of vaccination at a restaurant, but the owners of those restaurants are not legally allowed to force their staff to vax, or disclose. So if you’re a patron who is denied entry, you should demand to know the vaccine status of all the staff. They can’t tell you. Farcical.

    The fallout from both a human rights and vaccine injury standpoint, will be enormous. Big Pharma is exempt from liability, so Governments will have to foot the bill. Class action lawsuits have already begun all around the world.

    But legal challenges to small business that follow the Government Guidelines, could cripple them further, because they’ll have to defend any claims which will cost money whether they win or not. So this entire mess will ultimately come down to the courts.

  40. Nao.

    Sorry but you are incorrect. There is no overcrowding of US hospitals either. It’s all a fabrication of liberal big government, big pharma, private hospitals getting a shitload of federal $$$ for ginning up Covid 19 hospitalization and death numbers, and most egregious US mainstream media.

    For God sake over the weekend nutty Alexandria Ocassio Cortez in a presser on camera told Hurricane Ida victims if they had any deaths in family that they are to demand the hospitals, medical examiner or other doctors who fill out death certificates to MAKE SURE THEY INCLUDE AS A PRIMARY OR SECONDARY CAUSE OF DEATH COVID 19. This then assures the families of up to $9,000.00 in Federal death benefits. She actually on air said for families to demand and doctors to break the law and fill out fraudulently death certificates.

    She should have been arrested and charged right there on the podium, but being a pinko Commie and the wussiness of LEO’s to enforce the law nothing will happen to her.

    There is no overflowing of US hospitals due to the Delta variant. I keep and follow a global Covid 19 tracker site and can see all the stats needed. The USA has more hospitalizations per capita than Canada but there are reasons for such.

    1: Obesity, as bad as obesity is in Canada the USA suffers much more of it. 65%+ of Americans are clinically obese. The CDC claims that obesity is the number 2 comorbidity of Covid19 deaths and 85% of all US Covid 19 deaths have obesity as the secondary issue.

    2: The porous US southern border, especially with the treasonous Biden admin. Millions of illegals flow into the USA with minimal to no health checking. Many are Covid 19 infected, among many other worse diseases. Ironically the Biden admin. has instituted a policy to give all illegals from the southern border a supply of IVERMECTIN!!! That’s right illegals get Ivermectin but not US citizens.

    3: It’s a fallacy that unvaccinated are driving any hospitalizations in the USA. More and more info is coming out how more and more Covid 19 infected are in hospitals in the USA that are DOUBLE VAXXED!

    I was on a CBC site today as they posted comments on the immoral, ineffective and likely unconstitutional B.C. Covid 19 health pass. Among the 1300+ comments I scanned through at the time I noticed first how disgustingly smug and near giddie the pro Covid 19 vaxxed were. But secondly of how most of the pro covid 19 vaxxed and health pass lovers are LOW INFORMATION TYPES! They lack facts and knowledge on Covid 19 to support their disgusting anti-human and anti-liberty ways. They just parrot the idiot media talking points but demonstrate low information of facts.

    Whereas those against the Covid 19 health pass have more info, more knowledge on Covid 19 and the stats to back it up. The ones who are against the outlandish discrimination of those who choose for whatever personal reasons to not take the jabs, do so less out of the vaccines effectiveness or not, less of the virus being actually a very low lethality virus, but mostly out of CIVIL RIGHTS AND TO FIGHT GOVERNMENT SANCTIONED DISCRIMINATION!

    The fact that many people are ok with having their own rights turned into privileges which is what Covid19 health pass does, along with them being ok with their ignorant non fact based discrimination of supposedly free people having the right to refuse any medical incursions is AMAZING! SCARY, BUT AMAZING!

    The fact that not but 2 years ago NOBODY GAVE A SHIT ABOUT OTHERS VACCINATIONS STATUS is troubling today in how everyone who pushes it all feel it’s their right to know if others took the COVID 19 non vaccine vaccine jabs! DAMNED UNBELIEVABLE! MYOB!

  41. Nao I suggest you ask the media to give you color on the fancy graphs they trot out every day about the unvaxed in hospitals. How about they give you the ages of the people in hospital, what they went in for and are they in there because of covid or did they come in with another underlying condition, were tested for covid, had covid and surprise surprise they are unvaxed? And how is it that last year in the height of the pandemic, all these hospital workers had the time to post dancing videos on social media. Nao the narrative is all the positive cases again not the recovery. 1842 people have died from Covid in BC. By the same token, 1,011 suspected illicit drug toxicity deaths occurred between January and June 2021. The highest ever recorded in the first six months of a calendar year and represent a 34%
    increase over the number of deaths recorded between January and June 2020 (757). Nao FACTS matter but it all depends who has the loudest voice spinning them.

  42. Re: Mandatory Covid 19 vaccines and Covid 19 Proof of Vaccination Certificates.

    You are your own worst enemies if you support these measures…

    Not only are you an enemy to those who defend freedom, rights and equality of justice in a so called free society, but you undermine your own freedoms and rights if you support measures that mandate the use of any medical procedures including injections of substances into the bodies of unwilling people. You make this attack on your own freedoms and rights worse by accepting or championing the introduction of “Papers Please”. This is very troubling when practiced anywhere on Earth but more so when practiced in so called free and just societies.

    Those of you who support and even high five mandatory medical procedures such as vaccinations are guilty of supporting or participating in heinous actions and crimes against yourselves and fellow humans. You fail to see or understand the scope of this perversion of power over individuals and their choice to live their life in their own free way.

    You so want power or the governments to take power away from individuals and essentially enslave them into a box of life where rights are surrendered and privileges are arbitrarily granted. You fail to see that yourself is being snared into this trap. You are so smug, so self-righteous and so sheep of mind thinking, to want to prove to your man made cult/god of government that you are a good citizen, a good boy or a good girl. This quest to please your government and its bureaucracy is what will enslave you.

    Now this enslavement you ignorantly make of personal choice is bad enough, but you are all too worse to demand it be done to others and to punish those who choose not to fall into said ideology that you are into. It began with social distancing, arbitrary lockdowns and face masks. It now leads to mandated inoculations of a chemical/substance that is unproven. We have no proof of it’s true safety, longterm safety and efficacy (it’s already failing mere months into its use) of this product and injections that have in just 9 months already killed tens of thousands world wide and injured now millions world wide. But yet you as good boys and good girls want the governments to force this into unwilling subjects because you have been brainwashed into thinking they are not only disease infected but are bad boys and bad girls for not just going along.

    From 1933-1945 the Germans under Nazi rule painted through mischievous propaganda a picture that Jews were vermin. They made propaganda films showing sewer rats running about while the narrator claimed the Jews are the same. They told Germans that good Germans did not do business with the Jews, because all Jews were thieves and liars. Ironically though the Nazi government from at least 1933-1938 before ‘Crystal Night’ did not outright ban Germans from doing business with Jewish businesses nor did it outright ban Jews from participating in society. They could still go to restaurants, clubs, movie theaters, concerts, sports etc. Unlike what the B.C. government and many more governments provincially, nationally and globally are attempting to do or have done today over Covid 19 Proof of Vaccinations. Scary it is and should be to you all.

    Many of you who support mandatory inoculations and Proof of Vaccination Certificates are willfully exchanging your rights into privileges. You are too low of thought to see this though I guess. You just want to keep being good boys and good girls. After all you took the jabs WILLFULLY! (but you want others to be forced to take said jabs) and it’s not seen as any issue that you must now show and only a soon to be APP. on your cell phone, that will allow the government to easily track you for one thing. Plus having to pullout picture I.D. with said APP just to go to a restaurant, bar, club, gym, concert, movie theatre or sports event among others. You have no more rights here than those who choose for whatever personal reasons to not take the jabs. How do I know this, you ask? I will answer you.

    Go to a restaurant, bar, club, gym, movie theatre or sports event without your picture I.D., without your smart phone or if it’s battery is dead, or if by God you drop it and break it. EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE DOUBLE VAXXED! See if the door person will let you in? I am certain that you will be denied entry as if you never took the Covid 19 vaccines. YOU HAVE NO MORE RIGHTS THAN THE UNVAXXED! You just fail to see this.

    I have read often online the following, “The Charter Of Rights does not guarantee you access to restaurants, bars, clubs, movie theaters, sports events, trains planes etc.”

    BUT! Sunshine, the Charter Of Rights does not deny you or anyone of those choices and activities. The Charter protects equality of access for one and come all. No businesses, institutions, forms of travel etc. shall deny any citizen to carry on life and business with others. The only denial of such would be if a person conducts themselves unlawfully, such as attempted or actual theft, fraud, threats of or actual violence of said businesses, institutions or of organized travel, trains, ships or planes.

    But you people who support and even cheer on medical discrimination as such fail to see the slippery slope you place all of us on including yourselves. Today it’s Proof of Covid 19 Vaccination Certificates. Tomorrow what may it be? And will you accept such new restrictions/ discriminations or will choose to join the fight for liberty and human rights?

    I fear that many of you will comply with abuse of powers by governments and keep being good boys and good girls in all your shallow smugness here. But if I have been able to have some of you to think and maybe see the flaws of all these Covid 19 abuses from mandating injections to Covid 19 Proof of Vaccination Certificates and to join the fight by even if you are double vaxxed to not go to restaurants, bars, clubs, movie theaters, concerts, get on trains and airliners and not go to sports events notably the pro ones, for they have stupidly pushed governments to this discriminatory action.

    It is not really about a vaccine, nor about a glorified cold virus with a 99+% survival rate. It is about protecting the fundamental values of rights, liberty, freedoms and equality of justice that the western world, Canada included has built and championed even sent men to fight and die for, for generations. So stop your smugness, self righteousness and silly giddiness to want to see your fellow citizens be discriminated against for a conscious choice they made. Tomorrow this discrimination may affect you by the government and /or businesses forcing things unto you that finally you can’t accept.

    *** If anything I write here is important or rings true to any of you, you can choose to use in part or in whole my writings here to share to any others, citizens, businesses and governments in a prayerfully hopefully positive way… Thanks for reading through this long posting.

  43. @Les and @TeddyBaxter,

    I truly value your posts. I’m really anxious about all of this. I may be forced to vax to maintain my employment. I was suspicious from the beginning, now I’m downright scared for my family and my kids. (Dix hinted at vaccines for the 6-12 age group next!!)

    But what I’d love to hear from you…is WHY? What is the end game here? It would make sense to follow the money trail of one of the biggest lobby industry (pharmaceuticals) that want people to be on a never ending annual cycle of their various medications. They couldn’t get people to do it with the Flu shot, so now they have their IN. So why on earth would they want their “customers” to die? Bad for business no? They have nothing to lose mind you, because they can’t be held liable for damages.

    And most importantly, other than being completely obtuse, and trying to manage the hysteria and political fallout from the media’s portrayal of all this, why is the Government pushing so hard? Did you see Adrian Dix today? He’s become hysterical!!! He was pushing vaccines hard and shaming the unvaxed. Bonnie Henry said only a few months ago that vax passports were not being considered!? What changed? And what happens, when it’s fully vaccinated people who fill up critical care beds, because that’s the trend happening in other early vaccinated countries? What lie will we be told next?

    Is the government getting kickbacks from all this? Is this being pushed down to the provinces from Truduea’s Liberals? (They did buy an extraordinary amount of doses did they not?). It’s SO BIZARRE, I simply can’t believe what I’m seeing. It’s a living nightmare.

    Unfortunately, the damage was done in Jan & Feb of 2020. People were frightened and convinced they were going to die from this…no matter how many statistics you put in front of them. Once you’re scared…you are so easy to control.

    Lastly, it’s a long read…but I’ve been following Geert since the beginning. He lays it all out. Nobody is listening. Everyone thinks he’s a crazy crackpot. The guy used to MAKE VACCINES!

  44. John Dough,

    Why are these governments pushing so hard these experimental injections and the rights limiting proof of vaccine crap? Well it’s not simply one thing only, but here are some of my thoughts.

    1: Obviously a big money maker for big pharma. Each Moderna jab cost about $30 USD, each Phizer jab costs about $20 USD. Each J&J jab costs about $10 USD. Now as it appears these injections are basically doing jack shit or lose their efficacy in a matter of a few months, the push to have those jabbed to get annual boosters or such is more gravy.

    2: Global elitist cabal have various interests here. One is their part of the money game. Two is the fact that even though they are wealthy through capitalism or from crony capitalism they are socially leftist. They have recreated a 21st. century socialist ideal, but mixed with big business cronyism. Marxism is a TOP DOWN rigid structure of life, using as a shell big business cronyism is the glue or other binder. By making big government bigger and limiting rights ( ie: Proof of Covid 19 Certificates and mandating injections) of the people they believe gives them more power and control. I know they will though fail one day as the human spirit will pushback in due tie.

    But I also think these sick global elites do this shit or try to because they are just bored. They have the money, the fame, the power so it’s now boring to live in their ivory towers. So they play a game of manipulate societies and do this through manipulating governments.

    3: Why do governments of differing political ideals all or most appear to line up in rights stealing mandates and and public abuse? ME TO ISM!. Many see one government impose
    Covid 19 restrictions and then they follow through with mandating masks, vaccines and vaccine passports mostly out of ME TO ISM! They read bullshit polls that show region A is mandating vaccines and proof of vaccine certificates and the polls show the idiot public appears to support such, so not wanting to be on the wrong side of polling, these ME TO idiot politicians do the same or similar things.

    If we stand strong, show these idiot governments that they are wrong on this Covid 19 bullshit and that we will not just stand by losing our rights. Then more of these assholes will back down. But it requires constant effort on our part to pushback.

    As to the jab, it is your choice to or not to take the jab. NOT YOUR EMPLOYERS! You must if you wish not to take the jab make it clear as to your objections.


    Inform your employer that they are not medical doctors, as such have no rights to impose a medical procedure on you and that they have no access to your medical records. Thus why you use Conscientious Objector and mix in medical reasons for not taking the jab.

    Inform them that if they still immorally try to force this onto you that they must sign off and accept full responsibility including life time payouts for job/career ending adverse reactions and pay out of an agreed to amount of death benefits if you shall pass away from these vaccines . If they are not willing to do this then they must not even try to force you to take these jabs.

    DO NOT QUIT! Force their hand. Make them make their move. They are hoping you will just comply. But when they see you not doing so they must then take the money picture and add up your value to the company vs. the interests of these more and more useless vaccines.

    MAKE THEM CHOOSE YOUR FUTURE WITH THEM! Pass this information to other disgruntled employees. If enough of you stand up to this MEDICAL APARTHEID! and tell them they are attempting medical apartheid, then maybe they will use enough brains to stop forced vaccine crap on you all.

    Well these are a few of my thoughts for you.

  45. There was never anything “normal” about how we do life!

    Why to the people running the Supreme Court of Canada have no authority to convict the people that created the bio-weapons industry?

    Clearly the “Legal Society” with the “LEGAL NAME” fraud with its “Policy Enforcers” (police) are the problem…. the system of commerce is designed to create violence.

    Who in their right mind would accept making merchandise of man and animal?

  46. Who is “they”?

    And why are “they” still running “business” as usual?

    “They” control every so-called “country” and are the ones that created the “stock market” and that control every government and their “citizens”.

    When are the “Lawyers” going to begin to tell the people the truth?

    Who in their right mind would still use the word “citizen” or stand as a “country” when this entire system and the flying of flags is the real problem.

    Look up the etymology of the word “citizen”… it means belonging to a city (the 3 city states the unholy trinity is the “city of London corporation(banking), Vatican City (religion), and Washington District of Columbia (military enforcing it) making merchandise of man and animal…..

    The people born to and of earth have been under a “police” state for a very very very long time… how come the “lawyers” that are writing policy and that claim to “own” the “business” are able to run the show?

    These same people that create money out of nothing also created the idea of corporations. They claim ownership of all the “big box stores” that we are not accessing correctly….

    If everything is already prepaid and we are not “qualified” to use money then why are we still being lied to about our inheritance?

  47. We are being terrorized by the court system and people not being honest about the “LEGAL NAME” fraud…. the governor general is not doing the job they are entrusted to preform….

    as heirs and beneficiaries of life we are not even supposed to have to go to court….

    If the people in the Supreme Court of Canada have ruled or declared that a medical treatment or procedure cannot be forced upon us then why have they not arrested the people that have poisoned our water supply and that spray poisons into the atmosphere?

    Obviously the “judicial system” and those that run it are incompetent as human beings and actually have no authority or powers.

  48. FAKE NEWS you got the double jab so why so hard still on the others that got it too still. You are trying to act like you are this king, but the sad part of when you decide to speak, you keep forgetting you got the jab too! I know who you are my friend. Cheer up and don’t be embarrassed, but maybe ease up on the people that made the same decision as you, and got the shorts. Your not a bad person, but just be honest.


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