Another Flashback Television spot from Edmonton

memory lane of another Edmonton radio spot on television presented by Mark Summers

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Published on February 26, 2015 at 2:35 pm by Voice Over

K97 Radio/66 CFR Radio with Stu Jeffries on Switchback

Stu Jeffries is a veteran of the radio and television industry. A familiar face and voice across Canada,

Come Inside and enjoy another of Mark Summers treasures…

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Mark’s Media TV Ads from Edmonton’s past years

ITV, now Global Edmonton with a familiar tv face…

K-97 and Bruce Kenyon were promoting their wares on tv too!

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Mark Summers presents Jingle Montage 5

Mark has another thirty minutes of the jingles you never heard on number four….

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KUBE Radio Aircheck 1

KUBE 93 signed on in 1964 as KBLE and aired a country music format. On March 17, 1981, the station flipped to an automated Top 40 format as “The New 93.” The station’s first song was “Use ta Be My Girl” by the O’Jays. On July 8 of that year, the station added a live and local airstaff. On April 2, 1982, KBLE changed their call letters to KUBE, and became known as “KUBE 93.” In 1992, the station shifted to a rhythmic contemporary hits direction that is still programmed today.
Come Inside and listen to this aircheck with Gary Bryan

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Jingle Montage 4

all formats with the jingle packages to fit…

Mark Summers presents another of his prized packaged airchecks

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WOMC Radio Aircheck 1

WOMC has also had many memorable slogans, like “WOM-SEE” and “Detroit’s Big O”, and when the call letters are said, they’re said with emphasis on the O (“W Ohhh M C”).

Come Inside and Listen…

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K97 Radio Production 1

Mark Summers digs into his Aircheck collection and comes up with another winner!
Commercials, Station Promo’s, Id’s & Songs. Voiced by Gord Marriott and Terry Evans

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CKLW Radio Aircheck 5

Our friend Mark Summers takes us┬áback to 1970 with your host Walt “Baby” Love on The Big 8 CKLW.

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WLS Radio Aircheck 1 with Fred Winston

Fred Winston, one of the most famous radio personalities in Chicago history. Winston splits his time between Chicago and his ranch in southern Michigan. Fred Winston, is a Chicago radio legend, who began his career on Chicago radio as an afternoon DJ spinning the hits on WLS back in 1971

Come Inside and Listen to this classic…


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