Minute at The Movies & ITV Memories 1

Another Mark Summer‘s ‘classic’ airchecks.

This time it’s “Minute at the Movies” on ITV with Todd James.
The Movies, the stories, the memories…
On this video feature “Minute at the Movies” Todd James reviews some of the biggest movies like…Titanic, Home Alone 3, Scream 2, Wag the Dog, Great Expectations & Spice World.
Todd James not only worked for K97 as Music Director and On Air 7pm to Midnight M-F. Global TV Film Reviewer, Host of [email protected] Movies on Global TV Edmonton/Saskatoon/Regina.
Todd created “Minute at the Movies” that airs on ITV and now Global TV. Here we take you back to 1997 with Todd on ITV. Special memories from Lesley MacDonald, Gord Steinke, Claire Martin, Linda Steele, Bill Matheson, Jeff Little, Andrea Engel, Doug Downs, Carrie Doll, Wendy Theberge and Mike Sobel.

Published on April 11, 2015 at 12:27 pm by Voice Over


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