K97 Radio – Aircheck 11 (featuring Colleen Valentine)


Mark Summers offers up this aircheck with Colleen Valentine who is one of his and our favorite female announcers of all time. This aircheck is from 1997. Here is how she got her start in radio.

Colleen started it all in 1985 at PBTI Prairie Broadcast Training Institute. Then to Regina in 1985 at CJCD. Go north to Yellowknife in 1986 at CJGX. Yorkton from 1986 to 1989. CKCK and CJME Regina in 1989. The country classic CFCW in Camrose/Edmonton in 1990. CJAY92 in Calgary 1991. Back to CFCW in Camrose/Edmonton from 1992 to 1996. Went to K97 Radio Edmonton in 1997. CISN/CHQT in Edmonton 1999. Telemedia Radio (Nornet) from 2000 to 2006. Back to Yorkton in 2012
CKSA – Lloydminster 2012 and Currently at LTD Radio.

Also Colleen spent 4 months as PD in Wetaskiwin at CJOI.



  1. Lol, K97 was many things Chris. Sorry, I could not keep up with all the format changes and all 5 of the owner changes within a five year period.

  2. It was something like ’92 to ’94… really good times, thanks again for putting that together Mark. I better not have dreams about cutting those calls on reel to reel, doing a live intro and extro, grabbing the right cd and cueing the right cut in the Denon player – and STILL nailing the post. Those shifts – that’s when you would light a smoke as soon as you left the control room… it was like a workout, I tell ya…


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