K97 Radio – Aircheck 10

the “Top 97 Countdown of 1994” a partial recording of the countdown with the top stories with Bruce Kenyon and Todd James…

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Minute at The Movies & ITV Memories 1

We take you back to 1997 with Todd James on ITV. Special memories from Lesley MacDonald, Gord Steinke, Claire Martin, Linda Steele, Bill Matheson, Jeff Little, Andrea Engel, Doug Downs, Carrie Doll, Wendy Theberge and Mike Sobel

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96.3 KSCS Apology for Hawkeye’s April Fools Joke

Not everybody thought this our April Fools Joke was funny, especially the other radio stations in town. On behalf of all those stations, the management of 96.3 KSCS issued this “apology”


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K97 Radio – Aircheck 11 (featuring Colleen Valentine)

Colleen Valentine is one of Mark Summers favorite female announcers of all time. This aircheck is from 1997. Mark shares with us how it all started for Colleen….
Come Inside, Listen and enjoy another of Mark’s treasure chest of airchecks…


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3 TV spots for radio station WVOR

WVOR serves the Rochester area in Canandaigua, New York

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Mix 96 (now Capital FM) Radio Aircheck 1

Todd James spent 10 years at 100.3 The Bear Edmonton and hosted a film review segment on Global Edmonton News for twenty years, called, `Minute at the Movies’ Mix 96 is now Capital FM in Edmonton…

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CISL Radio – TV Spot 1

Its a Flashback with Red Robinson when he was doing mornings on CISL…

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TV spots when Larry & Willy worked at CFOX

These guys not only ruled the airwaves on Vancouver’s CFOX before going to Jack fm, but they also wrote produced and edited these funny TV spots…

More Inside and Enjoy the videos of these very funny guys…

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CKCK TV Spot 3

Mark Summers presents more memories of TV spots…

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Another K97 Classic Rock TV spot….

Mark Summers with another radio television spot for K97 This K97 TV spot was produced in 1989. It’s titled “Baby Boom”  

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