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A West Coast Radio Icon: Dr.Bill Wattenburg – Open Line To...

Advertisements for his show often referred to him as "The Smartest Man in the World."

Mark Summers features radio aircheck of San Francisco’s Super Giant KFRC...

The Year was 1980, the radio station, KFRC and the disc jockey was Bill Lee

CKLW Radio – Aircheck 6, presented by Mark Summers…

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another Mark Summers Super Aircheck featuring Dan Williams on CKLG 73...

CKLG Radio in Vancouver, B.C. Dan Williamson has been in radio for 32 year. Dan began his career at 73 CKLG from 1974 to 77. In 1978, Dan did the afternoon drive at CFTR in Toronto. Dan also played radio at CKEY , CKFM 99.9/ THE MIX and Canada’s largest Country radio station CISS FM 92.5.

K-Lite Radio – Aircheck 2 from the collection of Mark Summers

96 K-Lite Radio in Edmonton, Alberta. Len Thuesen is hosting the morning show. Len spent 40 years in radio.

Chuck McCoy’s “Moments to Remember” with a tribute to the late...

Including a cool aircheck of Charlie Tuna... The year was 1966.  I was working all nights at CKY, Winnipeg and my shift began at midnight.  Advantages of growing up on the cold flat Canadian Prairie included the ability to tune in some best clear channel, out of market, Top 40 stations.  Some of the great US stations we could pick up in Winnipeg after sunset included: KAAY, Little Rock, WLS, Chicago and at the far right end of the dial at 1520 you would find KOMA, Oklahoma City.

Duff Roman/Charlie Tuna and my “Moments to Remember” Part One, by...

This story goes back to the spring of 1965. By this time Duff was well established and held down an on air slot at 1050CHUM in Toronto.  As for me, I was still driving a truck and selling shoes and still dreaming of somehow getting a radio DJ gig in any market.  

Aircheck(s) with the late Norm Edwards CJAY 92 in Calgary

Norm Edwards (pictured) with another 2 airchecks from the late 80's on CJAY 92

Aircheck from yesteryear of Winnipegs CKRC

1 Mark Summers offers up this aircheck of 630 CKRC Radio in Winnipeg. The best live "Blooper" ever.

CKLW Aircheck late 60’s early 70’s – Wow!

Thanks to James Knight and Radio Jingles and Airchecks for this CKLW Aircheck.... its no wonder the Big Eight was Solid Number ONE! The late Byron MacGregor, is also heard doing one of his newscasts.... enjoy!