Edmonton PPMs Nov 30, 2020 – Feb 28, 2021


PSR thanks our friend and radio ratings expert Ted Wendland of Radio West for compiling the latest Edmonton Numeris Numbers…



  1. Wow! Play and Virgin were beated by CKUA. How embarrassing!

    I said to the then manager at Harvard Edmonton about going with the brand Play, you will drop like a rock in the radio rankings. Personally I thought once Harvard was trying to brand as Power 107, they should have challenged Corus on the name. If they had, Power 107 would have been a great launch in Edmonton. Looking at financial losses now taking place, how much would it have taken for a court challenge and sought out a settlement, or did that part ‘settlement’ fizzle out in court. Just asking

  2. Breeze did well like last year at this time because of xmas music I am guessing and up this year is about the same as breeze see next time ratings period another surprise is k97 up there to

  3. The Breeze…proving the worst mistake made in Edmonton radio was switching EZ ROCK to Virgin…and as i recall, even in 2011 at the time of the flip, EZ ROCK was #3 in the market.


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