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If you’ve ever been in radio in North America, either as a producer or as talent, you’ve probably heard about Morning Show Boot Camp. Heck, you’ve probably heard us talk about it on the show before. But why should you care?

Well, for starters, it’s been a killer resource for training radio talent since the 80’s. Most broadcasters have either been to a session or know someone who has, because it’s developed a reputation for being the best way to keep your on-air skills sharp. And today, we’ve got one of the original founders of the Boot Camp, Don Anthony, to tell us about how it’s evolved and why it’s still incredibly important and relevant.

Don knows, as should everyone, that people just don’t listen to radio for the music anymore. Sure, it’s nice to find a station that plays your favourite songs, but it’s even nicer to be able to pull them up on Spotify or Apple Music and play them anytime. So the question remains: what’s the draw of radio in 2023? Don’s answer is simple. Streaming services don’t have a personality. Radio stations do. He talks to us about the importance of a good host, and the ways Morning Show Boot Camp helps on-air talent learn to harness their entertainment skills. He also shares some of his favourite experiences from the last 35 years of watching people become famous right in front of his eyes.

If you want to stay updated on all things radio, check out Don’s website, The Morning Mouth.

A Transcription of this episode is available here. 

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You can access a transcript of this episode here.

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