Ian Leonard: Canadian Export, Chief Meteorologist Fox 9 Minneapolis


Ian Leonard is the Chief Meteorologist at Fox 9 in Minneapolis. Sadly, this is a channel that I do not get in Winnipeg. Ian and I worked together on Stony Plain Road in Edmonton back in the 90’s. What I didn’t know is that he is a second generation broadcaster, grew up around the TV station and there was a moment in 2002 when he and his wife Christy decided to take a chance and head south.

In this episode you will hear about Ian growing up in Edmonton and being apart of television at an early age. We share a few stories from 90’s, weather related ones too including the Pine Lake tornado which I had completely forgotten about until we walked that part of memory lane. We also discuss how Ian has made pivots and transitions in how he presents the weather and what social media tool are most important to him now.

There is also a lot we did not discuss including his battle with cancer and the extensive role he plays working with the Special Olympics. This one could have gone another hour.

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