Sunday, December 3, 2023

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How Jeff Zucker is Seeking to Reshape CNN

Twenty months after taking over one of the most prominent news brands, Jeff Zucker is still trying to define CNN’s place in a world of unlimited real-time information. He is laying off journalists and cutting expenses while trying to keep a once-leading cable network relevant in the digital age.

Pirate Radio Stations boom into Vancouver

if they (CRTC) come to shut us down,” said Maninder Gill, owner of Radio India, he threatens to call his 50,000 listeners to fill the roads in protest... Come Inside and Read More...

Is Gary Bettman Behind Ron MacLean’s New Reduced Role?

While George Stroumboulopoulos will sit in the studio chair and take the starring role on Hockey Night in Canada that once was his – ringmaster of the most popular show on Canadian television – Ron MacLean will be looking in from the outside on Sunday nights.

SUNDAY in Broadcast History .. Oct. 5th

It's the birthday of Kate Winslet, Bob Geldof, Daniel Baldwin, Steve Miller, and the late Bernie Mac, Allen Ludden and Godfrey announcer Tony Marvin. CBS radio's 'Hollywood Hotel' became the first major national show to originate from Hollywood;'The Honeymooners' were seen for the first time on the old Dumont Network; 'Inner Sanctum Mysteries' aired for the final time on ABC Radio, while 'Gilmour's Albums' began its 40 year run on CBC radio, and Danny Finkleman began his 20 year run with 'Finkleman's 45's' Saturday night on the CBC. 'Meet the Press', still with us 69 years later, aired for the 1st time on Mutual radio, Details and ALL the milestones for Oct. 5th INSIDE.

SATURDAY in Broadcast History .. Oct. 4th

It's the date whenVictoria's 2nd TV station, 'The New VI' signed on; when Bob Hope made his radio debut, when Gordon MacRae hosted and sang on radio's very first 'Railroad Hour'; and when two Eastern radio stations aired game one of the first complete World Series to be broadcast. Bryant Gumbel began his run as co-host of NBC-TV's Today Show; Barbara Walters became the first woman to co-anchor a network newscast (ABC); CBS premiered the TV shows December Bride, Playhouse 90 and Leave It To Beaver. CBC Vancouver broadcast its first live hockey game, and CBC News aired the first show in the 'This Hour Has Seven Days' series. Louis Armstrong and Pat Boone were headliners on CBS-TV's Ed Sullivan Show; and Blondie starring Penny Singleton made the move from comic strips and radio to the TV screen. ALL the milestones for Oct. 4th can be found INSIDE.

KJR Super Jock Kevin (Metheny) O’Brien Dies Suddenly

It was Pat O'Day of KJR Channel 95 Seattle who hired a young Kevin O'Brien in 1975 as their latest energetic talent... Kevin, who's last name is Metheny went on to bigger things in his career. Unfortunately, as the latest PD in his new position, he never had the time to do what he wanted to with KGO San Francisco... Come Inside and Read More...

Bell & Shaw Make Nice: TSN GO Now Available in Shaw...

The TSN GO service allows subscribers to watch TSN programming from all five channels both live and on-demand.

Netflix Dominates Prime Time Data Use in Canada: Triples Usage in...

An analysis of downloading traffic during evenings in Canada found that 30 to 40 per cent of the data consumed was usually linked to Netflix streams, which was higher than any other Internet activity.

Analysis: Seattle PPM’s with Demo Leaders, courtesy Research Director Inc.

HUBBARD Top 40/M KQMV (MOVIN) has placed a virtual stranglehold on the market. The station was #1 for the third month in a row (6.2-6.3) and held a commanding lead over its nearest challengers.

FRIDAY in Broadcast History .. Oct. 3rd

Oct. 3rd gave birth to musicians Stevie Ray Vaughan, Tommy Lee, Chubby Checker, Eddie Cochrane and Gwen Stefani. Some legendary family TV fare first aired this date, including the Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet, The Real McCoys and the Mickey Mouse Club (ABC); Father Knows Best, The Andy Griffith Show, Captain Kangaroo and The Dick Van Dyke Show (CBS). Desperate Housewives and According to Jim also premiered (ABC), as did Quincy ME (NBC). Among the legendary broadcasters and entertainers who died Oct. 3rd were Charles Collingwood, Woody Guthrie, Del Wood, Janet Leigh, Ronnie Barker and Zachary Scott. Details and ALL the milestones for the date INSIDE.