Monday, July 15, 2024

Industry News

A.J. Junop now senior creative copywriter for Vista

A.J. Junop is moving on up! He's been appointed senior creative copywriter at Vista Radio’s Vista Ideas Group. Congratulations A.J.

THURSDAY in Broadcast History .. Feb. 26th

Future TV stars Jackie Gleason, William Frawley and Tony Randall were born on this date. The 100th episode of the prome time TV hit 'Macgyver' aired on ABC. Drew Lachey was declared winner of ABC's 'Dancing With the Stars.' And the CHUM group announced their intention to acquire Vancouver radio station 'The Beat/' Details and many MORE broadcast milestones INSIDE.

Joseph Planta talks with Joe Leary

Joe Leary (Pictured) is Mr. Versatility... not just as a disc jockey, but a TV weatherman, a Journalist.... Come inside and enjoy this excellent interview...

WEDNESDAY in Broadcast History .. Feb. 25th

The US Federal Radio Commission issued the very first television license to an experimental laboratory in Washington D.C. Still before WWII, in TV's infancy, the first hockey game was televised in New York City, 12 years ahead of Canada's first hockey telecast. Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca (pictured) starred in the first ever 'Your Show of Shows,' which became a Saturday night sensation for NBC-TV. And Frank Sinatra's guest appearance as a retired detective gave CBS-TV's 'Magnum PI' its highest rating ever. Details and many more milestones for Feb. 25th INSIDE. (pictured)

Victoria’s Jack FM Flips to KiSS 103.1, then back to Jack!

Something has been done to shake up the ratings cellar-dweller in the Capital.

ESPN Grounds Olbermann For a Week After Controversial Penn State Comments

On Monday, a Penn State alum tweeted to Olbermann the phrase “We Are!” and a link to an article about students raising more than $13 million to fight pediatric cancer. Olbermann replied “…Pitiful.”

Retired/Fill-in guy Don Percy Masters the morning again…

The Master of the Morning just can't rest.... Jewell 101. Don Percy is filling in for Dan and Leslie

A Choppy Stream ahead for NEXTRADIO

attempting to incite rage that the “choppy, buffered streaming radio” that wireless companies “want you to pay for” is no substitute for comparatively crystal-clear FM radio, Come Inside and read more of Mark Ramsey's article

Wheelchair-bound Leonard Nimoy (‘Mr. Spock’) Hospitalized

The 83-year-old actor - who suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - was taken to UCLA Medical Center via an ambulance after complaining of discomfort in his chest last Thursday.

TUESDAY in Broadcast History .. Feb. 24th

The Voice of America shortwave radio service signed on as a US propaganda tool during WWII and the Cold War. Kay Starr, Bert Lahr and The Mills Brothers were the guests on NBC-TV's hourlong 'Perry Como Show.' Talk show host Larry King was stricken with a major heart attack, and underwent quintuple by-pass surgery. 'The Second Barry Manilow Special' aired on ABC-TV with guest star Ray Charles. And radio/TV headliners Dinah Shore, John Daly, Don Knotts, Dennis Weaver and Vancouver deejay Rick Honey (pictured) passed away. Details and many more milestones for the date INSIDE.