Friday, May 24, 2024

Off Topic

UN Must Stop Pushing Islamization of Europe!

What tragic events we've witnessed this past week. And despite the touching marches...the problem will persist ....until the UN STOPS pushing the Islamization of Europe! Come Inside and Read Harvey's latest article...

“The Culture High” is a Reality Check!

From Director/Writer Brett Harvey comes “The Culture High”, a riveting story that tears into the very fibre of modern day marijuana prohibition to reveal the truth…

Over 20 documented fires attributed to BC Smart Meters and counting…

According to the B.C. Safety Authority, its HANDS OFF when it comes to Smart Meters!?!?!?!?!?!? CKNW's Drex opens up this can of worms. This is a MUST Listen to interview Come Inside for more....

Tamara Taggart: Two Conversations which changed her life

Vancouver CTV News Anchor Tamara Taggart was a speaker at a recent TED conference in Vancouver. Tamara has 3 beautiful children and 1 of them just happens to have an extra chromosome. Tamara has had numerous conversations with healthcare professionals regarding her son Beckett, and has led her to where she is today, that the conversation needs to change. Come Inside and Watch... Come Inside and Read More...

Outrage! Obama Wants To Regulate Internet

Obama wants more control over the Internet - Its not nice to talk about the government you know! Come Inside and Listen to this interview by Talk Digital Networks Jim Goddard...

Politicians’ Disrespect for Citizens Growing

Believe me, if the media …at any level … took up this cause IN UNISON and FOUGHT for the public’s right to know ..not just occasionally mention its breach … reporting it OVER AND OVER, every day or every newscast, in every newspaper … the politicians will get OUR message. Come Inside and Read More of Harvey Oberfeld

Media FINALLY Picking Up On Mulcair’s Duplicity

(Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau earlier this year had also questioned the idea of tolls on the bridge … but lately has avoided making a firm commitment. HE should be pushed on this!)

The Geopolitics of World War III

What the Mainstream Media is hiding from you The Real Reason Russia and Syria are being targeted right now What you're not being told about Ebola If you really want to know the truth, come Inside and watch this 20 minute video...

Who Killed Joan Rivers?

No One Will Ever Call Michelle Obama A ‘Tranny’ Again” (Chuck Baldwin) Come Inside and Read MORE...

Facebook In Hot Water over Mood-Altering Study

Facebook conducted a study during one week in 2012 to test how lowering the number of positive or negative posts in news feeds could prompt users to post more positive or negative content. As part of the study, Facebook clandestinely changed the mix in the news feeds of about 700 000 users.