UN Must Stop Pushing Islamization of Europe!


by Harvey Oberfeld
Keeping It Real…
January 12th, 2015

First they arrived in small boats ….a couple of dozen distressed refugees fleeing war and terrorism in countries in the Mid East and Africa .Who with any heart could turn away these sad-looking desperate men, women and children? Compassionate Europe took them in.

And the word got out.

Soon they began arriving in larger boats … crammed with 100 to 150 souls … some legitimate refugees fleeing death and destruction, but many just economic migrants looking for a better life …who paid thousands to  people smugglers to get them across.  Compassionate Europe took them in.

And that word got out.

The boats, large and  small began arriving by the DOZENS … each month. Compassionate Europe took them in.

And that word got out.

Two weeks ago, they began arriving on full-size end-of-useful-life  cargo ships … carrying several hundred each … old sea wrecks … rewarding their suddenly-disappearing crews with a million dollars in revenue … per ship. And leaving compassionate Europe to take care of the human cargo.

All that compassion brought Europe’s “refugee” tally to 264,000 … in first SIX MONTHS of 2014 alone! Several million now over the past decade ….many of them with little or no knowledge of any European languages,  few or no needed working skills,  many  quite elderly or infirm, requiring medical care, and all of them needing housing, education and welfare support.

Compassionate Europe took them ALL in … but growing numbers of Europeans have now had enough.

These were not just refugees, but just economic migrants … millions of them now, from the Middle east and Africa … and, most of them Muslims.

Why Europe?

After all, there are 49 Muslim-majority nations in the world …  and although five have put out the welcome map for big numbers … Pakistan, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran and Turkey … ALMOST ALL of the others have not … including some of the richest countries in the World,  floating on billions of oil dollars  … Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Brunei.

ALL of those are in better economic condition than Europe and certainly would be more easily accommodating to their Islamic religious rites, culture and values.

So why haven’t more Muslim countries … especially the VERY rich ones … taken in their aggrieved, desperate brothers and sisters?

Because they WANT them to end up in Europe; they WANT to boost the Islamic presence in Europe; and they WANT them to be fruitful and multiply (birth rate among Europe’s Muslims reportedly averages several times that of the white population), so that within 50 years, the Islamic presence in Europe will indeed be a POWERFUL CULTURAL AND POLITICAL one.

Of course, the Arab nations can’t openly ADVOCATE or PUSH for that … that would be far too obvious … so they have had their proxy voice , the United Nations, do it for them.

Yes, the United Nations.

If there’s A PATTERN that has evolved repeatedly, consistently and determinedly over the last decade it’s the UN’s Refugee Agency (and other UN organizations as well) delivering REPEATED CALLS for Europe to take in more and more Muslim refugees and migrants.   Not other Muslim countries in the Mid-East … even the really rich ones ….not  other Muslim countries elsewhere in the world, but Europe, Europe, Europe.

Pay attention to the quotes from UN officials whenever you see them speak on the refugee problem: see if you detect a distinct pattern calling for Europe to open ITS doors even wider.

Why not Russia or China or Brazil or Japan? Why not Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Brunei?

The PATTERN has been long established, and the UN gets away with its PUSH to substantially push the Islamification of  Europe because the  world media don’t have the time or interest or skills to look for patterns anymore:  they just regurgitate the clips from various UN officials, time after time, after each shipload arrival …or whenever the huge numbers are added up … without looking at what’s really going on …. the overall agenda of the UN.

How did the  UN get co-opted into pushing the Islamic agenda?

Because there are really TWO UNs now: the Security Council, where the big boys play, or sometimes don’t play, but operates independently; and then there’s the General Assembly and the UN bureaucracy and various agencies … which long ago was seized (or sold out …take your pick) in favour of Arab and Muslim voting blocks, with their huge number of voting numbers,  generous funding of politicians, religious and cultural influences and downright vote-buying in many Islamic countries … sorry, foreign aid assistance.

That’s why it’s so easy to get all kinds of “UN organizations” to condemn Israel on any and every topic … while somehow seeing no evil and certainly speaking no evil when it comes to human rights abuses, beheadings and floggings in Arab states … especially the big spending ones… like Saudi Arabia.

And why, when deadly missiles were found TWICE  inside UN facilities in Gaza … the UN GAVE THEM BACK to Hamas, to fire into Israel.  Some peace-keeping organization!!!

Haven’t you ever wondered why the UN Human Rights Commission (what a farce that is!) has no problem holding hearings, issuing reports on treatment of minorities in some countries, including Canada, but pays only brief lip service or just ignores much worse DAILY violations of even basic human rights, especially in treatment of minorities and women’s, in Arab states that still deny their own people … let alone any Christians who try to live there … basic human rights ?

The UN ‘s integrity has been co-opted: and that’s why the UN keeps pushing for Europe … not Muslim nations …. to take in more and more Muslims: the UN is doing the bidding of the Arab/Muslim agenda.

It’s time to STOP the Islamization of Europe, to prevent an escalation in the move to the radical right by decent people in Europe, who have had compassion, but have had enough …and aren’t ready, or able, to take it anymore.

And the FIRST STEP to solving the growing problem is to stop the UN from pushing the Islamic countries’ agenda.

Harv Oberfeld



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