Thursday, April 18, 2024

Off Topic

Gino Odjick, former Canucks enforcer, has Only Weeks to Live With...

"In my heart, I will always be a Canuck and I have always had a special relationship here with the fans."

Nanaimo councillors ‘Divide and Censor’!

Ezra Levant zeroes in on Nanaimo city council's banning of Christians from publicly funded facilities

Willie Desjardins Confirmed as Canucks 18th Head Coach

It’s the first NHL head coaching job for the native of Climax, Sask., who most recently led the AHL’s Texas Stars to a Calder Cup championship.

Andrew Weaver – BC Green Party – Silencing critics instead of...

But Andrew, it's called 'freedom of speech' What Hypocrisy!!! Listen up People!

Canada’s North Next Target for Putin Aggression by Harvey Oberfeld

Russia’s Vladimir Putin has been taking advantage of Barack Obama’s penchant for talk, but little real action in the face of repeated territorial aggression by Russia over the past few years and now in the Ukraine. And that’s why Putin has been poking/insulting Canada so publicly lately ...he has a plan ... and it involves territory in the North we THINK is ours ...

Bribing Quebeckers with YOUR bucks!

We're so glad the Journalism investigative heart still thrives in Harvey Oberfeld: We're Blessed! Federal NDP/Libs Want BC/West to Pay for Quebec Bridge(s) … Mean while, The BC/West Media Snoozes

Pamela Anderson reveals years of sexual abuse

With ongoing sexual abuse since the age of 6, and as a survivor of gang rape by her boyfriend and his friends. She was unable to trust others and credits animals in helping her... an incredible story

Ezra Visits The Left Coast – A Must Watch!

Ezra Levant talks with protesters of the proposed Enbridge Pipeline

Jody Vance of BT talks with PSR’s Donovan

Our very own Donovan Tildesley meets Radio Legend Red Robinson at last nights  NPA Celebrate Vancouver Gala. City TV’s Jody Vance talks with Donovan on this mornings Breakfast Television BT of his retirement from...