Nanaimo councillors ‘Divide and Censor’!


Ezra Levant uncovers the shocking bigotry of Nanaimo City Council.
Last month, the council voted to ban Christians from using publicly funded facilities.



  1. Seriously? what kind of “journalist” doesn’t get the whole story?

    I think council was swatting a mosquito with a Buick in their reaction, but this is crap yellow journalism. Move over Mr Springer

    “one of the bigots….was BLACK!” Facepalm

  2. Do the church’s have to move outta the city limits?? Will the city allow the Jehovah Witness convention continue to use the Beban Park Centre??? Will AA groups be required to move if someone complains to Mr. Paatje about Drunks congregating in private groups??? What a bunch of Buffoons,,,,do us all a favor,,,RESIGN now,,,please spare us anymore embarassments!

  3. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, I have a feeling that most of the council (if not the entire council) will get voted out of office come the next municipal election.

  4. Interesting: I researched this a bit as I live in Nanaimo. It was a leadership conference. NOT specifically Christian, but there were Christian elements (it’s from the Bible Belt Y’all).
    Chic Fil-A is unashamedly anti-gay.. it’s not something the CEO thought at one time as this Ezra Blow-hard claims. One of the Doctors speaking is the loon that believes Homosexuality is a mental disorder that can be cured. To a large segment of the population here that is tantamount to “hate” sorry if you disagree, but I have gay friends ( some married to same sex partners, and some practising Christians) who take exception to being called mentaly disordered or evil. There has been no usual.. from these so called journalists to get the whole story. Just pure sensationalism. obviously that sells better.

    As a Nanaimoite for 20 years or so, I have attended or been aware of countless Ecumenical Christian events. The Churches, particularly the down town Churches are actively involved in this town, running community services, and with full city blessing holding Christian events in public places.

    The morons in the Christian right and the liberal left share a common error when it comes to these things. The Christian Right (or just plain Right) believe a specific interpretation of the Bible that allows them to be utterly crappy to each other, and justify their bigotry. The Left, similarly tar all Christians as the same and use that stereotype to justify their bigotry and paint Christians as homophobic. These views are also similar in that they are incorrect. Numerous Churches in Nanaimo and the rest of Canada have marched along in the Gay Pride Parades in recent years, not with “God hates F**s” banners but in love and compassion.

    I agree that the City council over reacted, but to pull the “Anti-Christian” card is really igbrant and intolerant. and seriously…. “And one of the bigots…….is BLACK!!!!!” does no one pick up on this piece of racist ignorance?

    What a tool.

    Here’s an extreme point. and I know it’s making my argument subject to “Godwin’s Law” but this Ezra gentlemen’s argument is that argument for cancelation was based on something “some guy who knew them said at one time…..” and some doctor that believes homosexuals can be cured “who may not be speaking on that topic” …
    How about this. A Leadership conference sponsored by the Ku Klux Klan and featuring speaker David duke is being shown in town… but no problem.. they probably won’t talk about Black people, jews or gays….

    I think Nanaimo Council blew it big time, but I don’t think they are anti Christian. Not by a long shot.

  5. Skim over all the Ezra portions of the video and just watch the city council in action. Then decide what is really happening. Ezra is not a reporter, he is an opinionated, so called, journalist, whose job depends on his sensational delivery of a story.

    But, take Ezra out of the equation and what do you have?

    City council blew it big time! And that councillor who talked about censoring parts of the program really put it over the top. Censorship by whose standards?

  6. I live in Nanaimo, am christian, have many friends in the gay community and unfortunately know and voted for some of those ass hats including the half asleep and clued out City Mgr (didn’t vote for him obviously). I was not a ticket holder to the event.
    Radio Slob is correct, they are not anti-Christian but they are ignorant fools that just embarrassed our great little city to the world. I believe they think they’re so special they just voted themselves big fat raises…
    Sadly theres not a lot we can do now but I guarantee only Mr. McKay will get my vote at the next election. I don’t know him or care what his beliefs are but he was the only one there that at least tried to take an objective view.

  7. I dig deeper its the gay rainbow group that cause it all. See walk for Jesus Nanaimo One gay protested backed by the rainbow leader for the island There you find the whole story as well as what came next minuntes of the pastors meeting with the board the order still stands but they were sorry.

    Vancouver Island Rainbow Association
    155 Black Powder Trail
    Nanaimo BC V9S 304
    7 May2014
    Nanaimo City Council
    455 Wallace St.
    Nanaimo, BC V9R 5J6
    To our Mayor and City Council,
    MAY 0 9 2014
    We are writing to express our deep thanks and appreciation for the action taken 5th May
    2014 in regards to the attempted use ofthe Vancouver Island Conference Centre by the
    Nanaimo Daily News for the Leadercast event. We wish to thank Fred Pattje for
    introducing the motion, and the supportive words and sentiments expressed in support of
    this motion by the majority of the council.
    The LGBT community has be~n heartened by the supp01t shown to our community
    during last year and this year’s effmts to stop this conference from taking place. The
    cotlncil should be proud of its record in ensuring that ALL citizens ofNanaimo can feel
    welcome and valued here. The council, in recent years, has shown by both word and
    deed, that this city is a warm and accepting place to live no matter what your sexual
    identity is. This means a great deal to us, and we know that we are fortunate to have your
    support. Not all LGBT people elsewhere in Canada and the world are as lucky.
    I know we speak for our LGBT community here when we offer a heartfelt Thank You to
    :Z . ! ~ ( ‘v({j’
    ~..-._\..( A ,
    E.T. Turner, Vice-Presidenr——-

  8. Blew it big time in reneging a contract in my opinion. To be fair.. these guys are thinking “on their feet” having just learned a virtual Nazi is involved they are scrambling to find a way to make it reasonable.. they fail miserably. Blacking out doctor gay-fixer is an example of that, He was trying but not fully considering everything. In the end I am glad they had the balls to stand up to what was perceived to be something associated with bigotry. Way to go. like when I applauded the former Mayor for telling an obnoxious caller on the phone in show to “get stuffed” Way to have some nards! . I just am not happy about how they did it and how ill prepared they were.

    I would point out btw, that Shaw TV runs the council meetings on TV… this is actually a pretty cool thing because if you have ever been to chambers, they are tiny. If you want to see what’s going on when there is a major event, TV is the only way. It’s not vanity. I was at a meeting where most of us had to stand outside the building and listen to everything third hand lol!


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