Bell Media Chops 120 Jobs in Toronto




Bell Media says it plans to cut as many as 120 jobs in Toronto this summer due to “financial pressure” in its advertising and subscription TV services.

Bell Media president Kevin Crull wrote in an email to Toronto staff, “The television industry is subject to a competitive and fast-changing business environment,”    “The difficult decision to reduce staffing in certain operations was made as we continue to face financial pressure related to advertising and subscription challenges across our TV services.”

Crull said. “We will work as quickly as possible to ensure minimum disruption, and hope to resolve the situation by the end of the summer.”

Earlier in the day, CTV News confirmed that its prime-time current affairs show “Kevin Newman Live” had been cancelled.


  1. are these not the same people that said if another wireless service comes to Canada they would have to cut jobs. I think the new wireless service would have hired more people then they would cut therefore it would result in more people with jobs

  2. Pilgrims:

    it is quite clear to me that Bell’s superior revenue cash flow from its cell phone sales and services are what really finances the now “Kevin Newman less” terrestrial television and radio division.

    It’s not all gravy for Bell, however. I would suspect a series of raids by Rogers on Bell’s (TSN’s) biggest tv personalities in the coming months and years, so that Bell becomes, in effect, another CBC in training. LOL

    Similar to how the WHA raided the NHL of its stars, many Moons ago….

    Here’s the thing, The NHL prevailed and Nelson Skalbania and company didn;’t

    I will also predict that Kevin Newman sticks around at Bell, too !

    Meanwhile, while all of this is going on, I look forward to that “other” shark (Verizon) eventually swimming up to Canada and taking a piece out of both Bell and Telus.

    It will be like watching a video on Shaw Pay per view and munching on popcorn, just like the tv pitchwoman says…

    Hi, I’m Robin Gill from Shaw community tv, don’t forget to watch the evening news and rent our Shaw PPV box, and popcorn popper. all at the same time ! LOL

    Meantime, as Colonel Harland Sanders once said, the expected blood bath between all those greedy cell phone giants will be FINGER LICKIN’ GOOD !

    YEEEEEEEE HAAAW,, ummmmmmh DOGIE ! Ya”ll come back now, ya hear ! (with my sincere apologies to Uncle Jed Clampett and Uncle Mohammed Nadir)


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