‘Fargo’ Finally Comes to FX Canada


For viewers in Western Canada who were frustrated when FX Canada showed episode 1 of the mini-series “Fargo” (starring Billy Bob Thornton, Colin Hanks and Martin Freeman) and then moved the rest of the series to the new FXX Canada, which is only available on Rogers Cablesystems, there is good news.

Next Tuesday July 1st  FX will repeat the entire 10-episode series on its main channel, from early morning until early evening.  8am to 7 pm Pacific. Set your DVR’s.

Fargo (FX) episode 10 Morton's Fork (1)

Newcomer Allison Tolman (above) impressed critics and viewers, stealing almost every scene she appeared in as a small-town detective whose correct theory of the crime was opposed by her chief.  She has already won the Critics’ Choice supporting actress award, and is considered to be the favorite for an Emmy.


  1. Ya I just noticed that. I had it all set up to record on the pvr. We were quite looking forward to it. Does anybody know what happened?


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