Friday, May 24, 2024

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Preston Manning: Destroying democracy in Alberta

How did Preston Manning's whispers help destroy conservatism in Alberta? How did he eliminate democracy? Ezra Levant explains.

Six steps to building trust in the social world by Sharon...

Good marketing starts with deep understanding of your brand. This means that we must spend time training front-line employees, decorating offices to reflect your brand, and delivering a good experience for customers

MEDIACHECK: Is John Furlong’s ‘Nightmare’ Really Over

Eight former students signed affidavits alleging physical and mental abuse by John Furlong. The Furlong story has been a challenge for the media. A well-respected man faces terrible accusations from the past and proclaims his innocence. But the media and society have too often failed to pay attention when the powerless tell their stories. (Story by By Paul Willcocks)

Goddard Report: Conscription, Agenda 21, Depopulation & Fukushima

Depopulation... The United Nations Agenda 21 advocates 'Depopulation' Come Inside and Listen to the news you will not hear from the mainstream media...

He is Risen…

Jesus Christ Overcame The Grave, Through the resurrection Christ Jesus defeated the power of sin and death! Where Oh Death is Your Sting and Power Now?

Why I didn’t go to your government press event

Journalist Charlotte Helston is fed up with communication pertaining to government press releases, or lack there of More Inside...

Oberfeld Expands on Global Versus CTV Vancouver News with Jim Goddard

Harvey Oberfeld weighs in on the latest in politics, as well as television ratings Global versus CTV Vancouver Come Inside, Listen and enjoy...

Opinion: Harper Team Falling Apart by Harvey Oberfeld

John Baird Resigns not only as Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister but won’t seek re-election Come Inside and Read More...

American Sniper Chris Kyle was proved a liar by Jesse Ventura

Early drafts of the book identified the SEAL as Jesse Ventura, former governor of Minnesota and famed professional wrestler “The Body,” but Kyle’s publishers removed the name for fear of a lawsuit. Come Inside and Read More...

BBC Role in Fomenting Anti-Jewish Hate Exposed

Harvey Oberfeld adds; At least this time, it's not just me pointing to BBC's anti-Jewish bias. I am now joined by the Daily Mail, the Guardian, the Spectator, the Independent ...and the Washington Post.