BBC Role in Fomenting Anti-Jewish Hate Exposed




By Harvey Oberfeld
Keeping It Real…
January 19th, 2015


The BBC has been caught with its fair-reporting pants down … it’s ugly anti-Jewish bias exposed for all to see.

The incredibly tasteless, anti-Jewish “reporting” was delivered by a senior experienced BBC journalist, Tim Wilcox during the aftermath to the Paris terrorist attack in which 17 people were killed … and was so outrageous it drew special news coverage/commentary in Britain’s largest media, including The Daily Mail, The Spectator, The Independent, the Guardian as well as the Washington Post.

Here’s what happened:

Wilcox interviewed a Jewish woman in the crowd after the Kosher supermarket was attacked: she was the daughter of a Holocaust survivor and said she believed the issue of Jewish persecution dated “back to the days of the 1930s in Europe” and she feared a new round of Jewish persecution and suffering.

Wilcox replied: “Many critics of Islam would say the Christians in the Middle East suffer hugely at Muslim hands as well.” … and then added “Many critics though of Israel’s policy would suggest that the Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands as well …. you understand everything is seen from different perspectives.”


A senior BBC reporter can’t tell the difference between national armies and individuals?????

When the British Army or US Army attack …since they are mostly made up of Christians … is it a Christian attack? When the Russian army strikes out, is it a Russian Orthodox attack? When the German army attacks, is it a Lutheran attack? When the Egyptian army or Jordanian army or Saudi army attack, is it a Muslim attack?

No … but in the world according to Wilcox, apparently when the Israeli army attacks, it is not an Israel army attack …but a Jewish attack. … so retaliatory attacks against Jewish people anywhere in the world would be “understandable”?

Hmmm. Think about that….

Under that kind of Wilcox logic, therefore, after years of attacks by terrorists who were Muslims, not only in Paris but in so many other places, would it be quite “understandable” if Muslims and Muslim grocery stores or mosques elsewhere were also violently attacked by non Muslims?

Of course, NOT!

It’s so ludicrous, his suggestion so anti-Jewish …but it made BBC World News … and the BBC NEVER APOLGIZED!!

From a BBC spokesman: “Tim Willcox has apologised for what he accepts was a poorly phrased question during an in-depth live interview with two friends, one Jewish and of Israeli birth, the other of Algerian Muslim heritage, where they discussed a wide range of issues affecting both the Muslim and Jewish communities in France. He had no intention of causing offence.”

I wonder long to know what the BBC would have done if the remark HAD been directed towards Muslims, not Jews: I believe the BBC would have been all over it… apologizing OFFICIALLY, reprimanding Wilcox …maybe even suspending him.

But this remark … broadcast to tens of millions, including millions of BBC viewers in the Arab world, … denigrated Jews …so I guess at BBC HQ, it was no big deal.

Wilcox did apologize personally … in a TWEET! It came AFTER it all hit the fan … not for his clearly stated view, not even repudiating the idea he expressed … but for “a poorly phrased question”.

“Really sorry for any offence caused by a poorly phrased question in a live interview in Paris yesterday – it was entirely unintentional,” Wilcox tweeted.

Now, if Wilcox made his remarks in a personal protest or blog or article, I would defend his right to express that opinion. BUT he made it while REPORTING for the BBC … a taxpayer-funded news operation … that is SUPPOSED to be unbiased and fair in its news coverage.

Of course, it is not.

Readers of this blog will know I caught onto their bias … and starting documenting it in detail … years ago. Just search “BBC” on my front page and you will find SEVERAL articles exposing their single-faceted news coverage in the Middle East. As I said, SEVERAL of them. And a Google search of the topic will turn up MANY more news critics who have noted the same … and no, not by Jewish groups or Israeli government officials.

It’s about time that British broadcast authority officials take a LONG, HARD LOOK at BBC World newscasts role in fomenting anti-Jewish sentiments …especially in Europe and the Middle East.

The BBC not only reports acts of violence and hatred against Jews around the world: I believe it promotes it … through its consistent one-sided anti-Israel and now anti-Jewish “reporting”.

Harv Oberfeld



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