Who Is Hillary Rodham Clinton?

With the first Presidential debate coming up this Monday. Its time to take a look at the Clintons, and politics, Clinton Style! Banned Documentaries – Episode 1: The Hillary Files      


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Michael Rivero: Could Syria Cease Fire Failure Cause WW III?

Money Laundering began with Bill Clinton, as Governor of Arkansas – Lots of people have died in trying to expose this corrupt family


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Oberfeld: BC Liberals’ Pre-Election Ploy Plays Out Again

The BC Liberals have launched their traditional pre-election ploy once more…and the media are playing along, failing to ask the serious questions.


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Hillary Illness – Democrats in Panic Mode by Michael Rivero, on the Goddard Report

What incredible insight the man Michael Rivero has on Whats Really Happening

Podcast with Jim Goddard Inside…


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Donald Trump welcomes Nigel Farage on the stage


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Elizabeth May: Just Another Self-Serving Politician, by Harvey Oberfeld

May has announced … despite the Green Party’s lurch to the extreme far left and it’s deliberate new policy singling out of the only democracy in the Middle East … Israel … for a hateful discriminatory total boycott of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE emanating from that nation … that she will stay on as Leader.


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What’s Really Happening? with Michael Rivero on the Goddard Report

do you remember Gary Condit and Chandra Levy (pictured), who were headline news, especially on shows like Larry King, up until 911. These are very dark times, I would not be surprised to see assassination attempts made upon Donald Trump – (Michael Rivero)

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Dem Convention/Clinton, the scandals & more with guest Michael Rivero on The Goddard Report

Michael Rivero delves into the U.S. political system, focusing in on this weeks Democratic National Convention and voter fraud.

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A World-Wide Revolt is ON … Against Globalization’s Greed at the Top

The middle class, the working class and the poor … right across the world … have finally had enough of the broken promises, failed projections and downright lies the politicians, corporate executives and, yes, much of the media have peddled to us for 20 years about the benefits of a world-wide “global” economy, by Harvey Oberfeld (Pictured)


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Michael Rivero joins Jim Goddard about recent Dallas shooting and what’s ahead!

Another Clinton Associate Found Dead Under Mysterious Circumstances….

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