Media is Lying, Donald Trump is Way, Way Ahead… Look at the CROWDS!!!


The five facts outlined within the video clearly prove, that Donald will win in a landslide in November. The MSM lies, the number’s in all of the important outlet’s, like Facebook. Twitter, Reddit tell the truth, there is no way that Hillary can ever catch up to Donald.


Yesterday, October 25th, in Jacksonville, Florida







What Corporate Media Is NOT Showing YOU!
Look at these crowds



  1. Polls used on MSM are biased. When one reads into them and the sampling, they always OVER SAMPLE those who say they are Democrats as compared to Republicans and Independents. This will skew these polls to a pro Hillary number.

    Online polls, which though are not scientific always show Trump in the lead, in some cases by landslides like 90-10, 78-20, 85-18, etc. These polls are both regional and national ones.

    Rally size, where ever Trump goes North-South-East-West he gets 10,000-15,000-20,000-30,000 people showing up. Hillary’s rallies are like 100-200-500 or so and it’s said many are paid shills.

    Lawn signs, anecdotal but people report huge numbers of TRUMP/PENCE signs as compared to HILLARY/CAIN signs.

    The MSM is journalistically and morally BANKRUPT and will have essentially killed itself as such from their lying antics on this election.

    DONALD TRUMP heads a movement. Hillary doesn’t.

  2. Yeah, tell that to Nate Silver whose polls are almost always accurate. What will you have to say the day after the election when Trump is blown away in a landslide when stable, sane Americans vote for Hillary?

  3. I heard some vancouver media have threatened to fire employees if they say anything about Donald J Trump in a positive light. When I listen to CKNW they are always very critical of trump and pass him of as an idiot.

  4. I am not sure about Trump winning on voting day but I guess the latest Wikileaks proves this is going on when Hillary’s right-hand man emailed a polling company pointing out that independents in the Tampa area lean Dem as well as latinos and native folks in some areas of the country, and it would nice to focus on these segments.

    In any election, polls try to be accurate in the last week as that is the poll they will be measured on when looking for other business anything before that is probably agenda driven or paid for by the party.

  5. Yes, as a long-time broadcaster, I take part in the conference calls where the media all gets together and decides positions on certain issues. It’s a little upsetting when the other 5 thousand people forget to hit mute, and we hear all the mouth breathing.

    Get serious! There is no collective “media” position. Private broadcasters are pretty well all
    free spirits, and make up their own minds. If they happen to all hate Trump – it’s just a coincidence.

  6. Gary,

    So sane people vote for Hillary. (um yeah nuts to that).

    1: Destruction of 33,000+ emails after receiving a subpoena.

    2: Physical destruction of her 13 Blackberry phones, (BTW she said she that only used one).

    3: Lying under oath to Congress and the FBI.

    4: Lying all the time to the public. (public side and private side she says she has).

    5: Lying about the Clinton Foundation by saying90% of the money goes to good use, when in reality ONLY 10% goes to good use.

    6: Benghazi and her inaction to help the staff and as such saw 4 men brutally killed including the Ambassador.

    7: She is a big part of the mess in Syria today.

    8: Open Borders, do you know what that is? It will allow not only the unrestricted trade of goods but NO border controls to people coming and going. This will bring mostly the bottom of the barrel and criminal type people into the USA. It will drive down wages at all levels as skilled workers will come in and work for less than even skilled US citizens. Low wage jobs will go for even less wages. If I as a leader of lesser developed country I’m going to put as many criminal types and sloths on planes, trains and buses to send to the USA and dump inside it. Just like what is going on in Europe today with the migrant invasion to all E.U. nations.

    9: Hillary has said she will go to war with Russia if she is President with only an accusation of it spying/hacking on the US govt.

    10: Defying most if not all U.S. Generals’ logic, Hillary has and still advocates a no fly zone over Syria. This as Generals have to said Congress, would LEAD TO WAR WITH SYRIA AND RUSSIA. Russia for one CAN FIGHT BACK! It has near 2000 nukes at the ready with about 6000 more in storage and can be brought online minutes or hours. War with Russia could well end in a nuclear exchange. But more so the USA has NO LEGAL recourse to even dare put a no fly zone over Syria as it has no right being involved in the civil war. Syria’s legitimate govt. has only asked its ally in Russia for outside assistance. Russia as such and is lawfully there. Sane people want a Hillary no fly zone and war with Russia hanging over us???

    11: Parkinson’s disease, she shows classic signs of having it and email leaks show she had staff inquire about drugs and treatment for it going back to 2011/12. Drugs used to alleviate symptoms of Parkinson’s are psychotropic and can lead to these mental side effects irritability, delusions, hallucinations and short term memory loss. You want that for the person as POTUS?

    11: All her scandals, all the DNC bull crap, Wikkileaks reveals EVERY DAY on her and the DNC., White House, and DOJ.

    So no, SANE PEOPLE WILL VOTE FOR TRUMP and BTW many experts who use programmes and such predict he will win.

    HILLBOTS are in a delusional state for supporting a woman who should by many experts opinions be in prison and would be if she were a Clinton.

  7. @I don’t think so
    I agree with you for the most part, especially with local radio, however, after listening to Vancouver’s CKNW, a Corus radio station, I can’t believe how biased all on air staff come across, all trying to make Trump look like an idiot. At first I thought I was imagining what I was hearing. Then we get the report from Jim Goddard, on the Goddard Report, three employees of a certain Vancouver radio station were threatened if they gave any favourable comments about Donald Trump.
    What is really at issue here is Corporate Media, of which Corus belongs, the six global corporations, which own over 90% of radio, television, newspapers and magazine around the world. And now Mr. Trump wants to break up big conglomerates in the industry, returning ownership back to the local level, its no wonder they hate him. I would think any logical thinking broadcaster, on all levels, especially here in Canada, that type of news should be received with great joy! Go Trump, Go!

  8. Les H.

    You make some very valid points in your response to Gary. All of them facts.

    Sad part is Donald J. Trump seems to have no filter and he simply too often blurts out thoughts that may come to his mind.

    In my opinion one of the biggest things where EJT gets support from Voters is the fact that he wants to seal the border.

    Without a Border YOU have No Country! Had a quick look at The EU lately?

    Just ask the people of The EU how they feel about the Catastrophic Mess that Pathetic EU Leadership has done to EACH and EVERY Country there!!!

    Let’s be honest, the EU is in Collapse and within about a 10 year period EU Leadership like Merkel, Lofven, Hollande, Cameron and even Sarkozy have managed to take over 20 Nations that were once the envy of the World and literally destroy their Cultures, Economies, and their Laws!

    There will soon be more countries doing what Britain did and The EU will more than likely mean the end of The EU.

    Do the American Citizens and Canada for that matter want to have No Borders?

    Let me ask you this and I will not even mention Mesico.

    Would we in Canada if we Bordered Sweden where my Mother came from want over 15 Million Swedes crossing across out southern Border over the next 10 years or so?

    I ask you, what would that do to our Health Care, Education, Economy, Wages, Salaries, Pensions? Any one care to comment?

    Think about it, 15 Million People crossing out Southern Border over 10 years!!

    Trust me, with the Leadership we currently have in Ottawa there is a very real chance it could happen!

    How would your New Facebook and Selfie King PM JT handle a situation like that? YIKES!!

    Then to top it off imagine how he would do with Ministers like McCallum, Dionne, and the poor Representative we just had at the EU/Canada Trade Negotiations!! Again, YIKES!!

    If it would have been any other Republican on top of the Ticket than EJT the Election would have been over 3 months ago.

    Sorry Lew, you can criticize DJT all you like but without so many of the points he has brought up there would be no discussion of almost any of them.!

    Oh and one last thing here. Trump has been widely criticized for some of his so-called Locker Room Talk. I must admit I have heard it plenty myself over my life.

    Oh and by the way, JUST what do you think Bubba Clinton says under his breath when Melania Trump walks across the Room? !!!!!!

  9. BMCQ,

    Great follow up. Open borders WILL, not MAY, but WILL lead in time to total collapse of any nations’ systems which invoke it and followed by inevitable civil strife/war. The E.U. will be the proverbial canary in the coal mine. So the USA and Canada should STOP and watch first as the E.U. destroys itself over this nonsense. But a couple of generations of cucked males, brainwashed feminists and idiot socialists in the system and in power in Europe has brought this inevitable disaster to it.

    A current cuck in the White House and a bigger and ever more ignorant one in Ottawa should have our collective backs up. D.T is resonating to the greater populous and IMO will win on Nov.8. His gruff and all is what is needed to at least begin the long hard change in narrative.

    As to his locker room talk. ANY HETEROSEXUAL MAN, REPEAT ANY HETEROSEXUAL MAN who says he has not said nor has not heard of such is a liar or a ball less excuse for a normal, heterosexual male.

    I excuse gay males as many people say among gay males that talk like that between them is quite open. Women too often have filthy mouths especially when boozed up among other women, just observe women in a group especially at say a male dance /stripper show. One’s ears may need shielding.

    So any hetero males who say they do not , have not talked like that, nor ever heard it. I CALL YOU OUT AS LIARS!!!!! or if so please turn in your man cards to the nearest ALPHA MALE TO YOU! Or if one real man is not near by then hand it along with your balls to the nearest woman to you.

  10. The novel, ’50 shades of Grey’ is today the second most popular book sold world wide. It is not written for straight men to read but a book about an Alpha male and about BDSM designed to be erotic for women readers.

    3rd wave feminists, most are likely lesbians or just stale women are lost causes. Most real, everyday women if honest to themselves crave and hunger for alpha males. They may have some reservations about Donald J. Trump. All politicians, lead to voters having some reservations. But their inner, evolutionary brain and make up of feminine character will have many more of them in the privacy on election day in the USA of the voting booth VOTE FOR TRUMP! He embodies the political alpha male circa 2016. He promises them security, real actions to deal with these issues that many women fear. He promises to fix a weak economy that Obama/Hillary and the Democrats have fueled with poor decisions or inaction and as such worst performance since the 1930’s.

    Since most households, many have the husband /dad as figurative President/CEO, they have wife/mother as the figurative CFO’s. The work to make the economy better is also important. Hillary is 4 more years of a wet noodle/ limp attitude to such. Trump offers change to this.

    These women voters will more likely turn away from the sickly, liar, corrupted, racist, bigoted, faux feminist woman in Hillary Clinton.

  11. All beta males, notably all of you in the lying main stream media, just STFU! Women have little to no respect for you. They use you, as you are like clay in their hands and you will kiss their *** and maybe white knight for them hoping maybe you will get some YOU WONT! except maybe out of pity.

    Normal everyday males who work, deal with the ups and downs of daily life and especially alpha males, proverbially pi$$ on you cucks.

    Dry up and blow away. Vote for Hillary and ask to carry her purse with your nuts inside it.

    Donald J. Trump for the WIN of western developed, nuclear family society. A real progressive society. The greatest society in human history. While we were finding cures to terrible diseases, building grand infrastructure and cities, super high ways, literally and electronically, turning polluted water back clean, developing ways to fed 3-4-5-6 and now 7 billion, while we were putting men into space and on the Moon, other parts of the world then and many still now drink from the water they wash and pi$$ in. Save dung to dry and to burn to cook with or to smoke. They live outdated cultures and follow backwards beliefs and faiths.

    FACT! NOT ALL CULTURES, BELIEFS AND FAITHS ARE EQUAL! No matter how hard SJW’s, socialists, and political/bureaucratic hacks claim.

    I’m a member of and grew up in the Western developed world. As flawed as it has been and still is in many ways, it’s the best example of progressive humanity ever! I apologize to nobody, assume no guilt for all other lesser developed, backwards, whining groups or societies.

    I also do not apologize to 3rd wave feminists, SJW’s, BLM. socialists, liberals and any other hack as such. As an everyday day male who has had good times and bad times, ups and downs, I’ve been kicked in the proverbial teeth and have been proverbially poll vaulted to better things at times. I learned to free myself from silly ideals of equality for all, all of the time. That illogical ideal only imprisons you all into it’s unattainable ends. I’m FREE to believe what I want, to take or leave any and all opportunity, to fall on my face and thus to pick myself up and dust myself off to move forwards again, to reach my own personal heights too.

    Everyday people, NEVER APOLOGIZE TO THESE TYPES OF PEOPLE, 3rd wave feminists, SJW’s, BLM, socialists, liberals, backwards religions, faiths and cultures. Doing so brings you no comfort, they will never let you live it down. They are all brainwashed and miserable ideologues and want you to join them and their misery.

    The and to be notable, the 20th century, western developed world, spearheaded notably post WWII by the USA is the worst culture and lifestyle on earth with the exception of ANY AND ALL OTHERS TODAY AND IN OUR PAST!

    I will never apologize for this and I proudly support Donald J. Trump for POTUS 2016 and if I were an American I would proudly vote for him as flawed as he is as a man. He at least embodies all that is a part of the greatest culture in human history, that is ‘The Western Developed World… PEACE OUT 🙂

  12. @ Gary:

    “Yeah, tell that to Nate Silver whose polls are almost always accurate. What will you have to say the day after the election when Trump is blown away in a landslide when stable, sane Americans vote for Hillary?”

    Right, and I’m Walter Cronkite. If you think that’s going to happen (and if you think liberal polls are ever “accurate” and that “stable and sane” Americans would ever vote for the laughing hyena called Hillary), keep right on dreaming. The Wikileaks e-mails and Trump rally attendance vs. Hillary rally attendance (pictured above) prove otherwise.

  13. IF DT wins the election it will spell a victory for the anti PC crowd. A victory for those that dont see the upside of multicultural policies. It will fly in the face of those that believe in social engineering.
    It will likely also show that visible minorities that have immigrated to the US through proper channels are concerned about illegal immigration.
    It will also show that most women dont buy the spin.

    As an aside Mcomb is running CNN interviews right now. The Clinton news network.

  14. 13,

    Most people in life do not go around trying to be jerks and a-holes. The anti-P.C. movement is a result of the P.C. crowd pushing society too far and as such the silent majority is getting fed up enough to push back.

    Free societies embrace free speech and that is virtually ALL SPEECH! Free speech means we all can freely exchange and debate ideas and thoughts. Ironically the ‘liberal’ left which has traditionally tried to impart freedom, liberty and diversity, have really become much an antithesis to these values. They will most often argue against what they are said to be and believe in. They also will more often be who they say they fight against. It would be quite comical if it was not so pathetically sad.

    In a free society I have the right to verbally offend you. You have the right to verbally offend me. Most of the time people do not go around doing such to each other. But sometimes we do to make a point of how we see another person and to verbally attack them instead of physically attacking them.

    P.C. loving liberals, SJW’s and others are often fine with using language to attack others but cry bloody murder if somebody says such to them, ‘triggering’ ‘micro-agression’ nonsense.

    To make a point. I bet 99% of all SJW’s are totally fine with me saying the following.

    “Paul Bernardo is a effing douche and sick bastard who deserves to be a bum buddy to a big ass dude in jail. He is an effing sick pevert for raping and killing innocent girls.”

    How many /SJW’s will call me out for being so verbally abusive to him? LIKELY NONE.

    Or how about this saying.

    [preface the following is not what I believe but only write for making a point.] “Donald Trump is an arrogant, a-hole, tax cheater and he has no respect for women and minorities.” I bet virtually none of these P.C. loving, SJW’s would call me out for that.


    If I write the following.

    “David Suzuki is a clueless clown on Climate change. He’s a hypocrite about human effects on climate as he happily flies around the world causing his part in CO2 emissions. He dupes backwards, hippie, greenies and those who follow him and believe his tripe are silly shills for his egotistical arrogance. ” I bet many a and SJW’s would be on my words here about Suzuki like flies to ****.

    Or how about this

    “Barack Obama is an arrogant , a-hole, never had a real job before he sunk his teeth into politics and he by his actions has no respect for minorities as he uses them only for votes. He did/does the same with women. He’s a wet noodle.” I bet’s and SJW’s would be all over me for that comment yet it almost mirrors my comment on Donald Trump.

    To hi-lite the looney left and the SJW, P.C crowd. V.P. Biden is on record saying such. (I’m paraphrasing).

    “I do not like to call people names, but Donald Trump is a a clown”…. THINK ABOUT WHAT THE IDIOT JUST SAID!

    So yes, the world is pushing back all this P.C. s**t. People are tired of walking on proverbial egg shells, ALL SPEECH IS FREE SPEECH! You choose like me to be offended. GROW A THICKER SKIN! LORD KNOWS I HAVE OVER MY YEARS! Engage in civil debate and discussion if you feel a person is being offensive with their rhetoric. TRY TO CHANGE MINDS NOT SHUT PEOPLE UP!

  15. Stan.

    Please, please show all of us Donald Trump’s HATE!

    1: Lets see, he hates illegals coming into the USA, taking jobs from other born citizens or legal immigrants and at lower wages. That and/or they get on and use welfare provide from lawful US citizens and their govt.

    2: Lets see, he also hates criminals, from murderers, gangsters, drug runners, people smugglers, rapists who flood into the USA through mostly the southern borders who Obama and Hillary want to make OPEN for all.

    3: Lets see, he also hates Radical Islamic Terrorists, who have attacked and killed people inside and outside the USA. He by extension hates ISIS and other noted Muslim terror groups for the murdering and persecution of other people throughout the M.E. and elsewhere. All who were/are aided by Obama, Hillary, Kerry and notably Hillary’s biggest $$$ supporters, Saudi Arabia , Qatar and U.A.E.

    4: Let see he hates stupid US negotiators of various trade deals who have created a tilted table of free trade and as such has hollowed out much of middle America and seen money flow out of the USA.

    5: Lets see he hates politicians of THE SYSTEM notably in Washington who pad their lifestyles and futures , pander for voters to less fortunate people and to visible minorities making promises they never seem to keep only to secure these votes.

    6: Lets see he hates a nation awash in most often frivolous, business and job killing regulations which also make all citizens as consumers and tax payers costs of living rise only to pad career politicians and bureaucrats pocket books.

    7: Lets see he hates how Hillary Clinton, sells the USA out, wants OPEN BORDERS, was loose with privilege in govt. and especially as Sec. of State, loose with classified info and lied, lied, lied, to Congress and FBI under oath and has abused power all revealed in everyday drip, drip of Wikileaks releases.

    Shall I go on???

    If that is hate Stan, then you can count on a vast majority of US citizens and voters likely agreeing with him and will show such on Nov. 8 as he is swept into the W.H. as the next President of the USA.

  16. In the Remnant video ‘Rigged Election,’ Mr. Ferrara, without naming the Republican candidate Donald J. Trump, exhorts viewers to hope and pray that the Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, ‘a demon in human form,’ not be elected.

  17. And some other Catholic parish advised its parishioners that because HRC supports abortion as a womans right, to vote for her would be a one way ticket to hell. The dioceses in that area has since advised those parishioners to just vote with their conscience for whomever they choose.
    Im glad that I dont have to choose but abortion aside I would probably vote for DJT as he is the best hope for a change to the status quo where big (fill in the blank) is allowed to break any law at any time with impunity. Think about the inequality. The banksters that stole 40% of every Americans wealth in 2008 got off with virtually no jail time. Poor old Martha Stewart does hard time for a paltry 50k.

  18. Abortion is the key issue in this election.

    The New World Order, the Federal Reserve Bank, the banksters, the Council on Foreign Relations, WWIII, the Russkies, Vlad Putin, taxes, jobs, jobs, jobs, Supreme Court constitutionalism or evolutionism, just versus unjust wars, euthanasia, etc. … all are very important but all of them pale in significance when compared to abortion, which is a barbaric assault on the fetal rights of the unborn human being, a mortal sin against Almighty God.

    Hillary Rodham Clinton is the crooked candidate of the Globalist Eugenicist New World Order, and seems to be possessed by an evil spirit.

    American Christian citizen voters must realize that their primary responsibility today is to the poorest of the poor, those pre-born humans whose lives are threatened by this evil witch, that their best choice is to vote for the pro-life candidate, for their families’ sake, Donald J. Trump.

  19. Its fun to look back 4 years and see the leftwingnuts predict a total HRC “landslide”
    Today the votersthant are sick and tired of paying taxes and then watching their local politicians destroy the American dream Defund the cops, enable the criminals make anyone that wants to defend their way of life their safety their freedom labeled racist. BS Americans will likely elect a president that believes in the American Dream. Donald Trump.


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