FULL: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Speech at Prestigious Catholic Dinner




Go in at the 1 hr, 14 minute mark, for starters…. its all good, if you have the entire time to take it in….

A White tie event, held annually in New York City. This year, featuring presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton, the democratic nominee, and Donald J. Trump, the Republican nominee for President.

Trump the Roastmaster General.
He reached out to shake Hillary’s hand twice.
She shook hands, but was not happy !

Her line was great “Donald sent a car for me tonight….it was a hearse”
Self deprecating, and possibly self destructive.

His line “Her political team is here tonight…..(pointed and named MSM)” very funny !





  1. Roaster, maybe Bill was with Huma’s [Hillary’s special GF] now ex, Anthony Wiener and they were in back comparing p**** size. Then showing them of on ‘Omegle’. LOL :-).

    That or Bil maybe was funneling more money from the Clinton Foundation to his slush fund.

  2. Aggressive eugenicist pro-choice New World Order Democrat planet worshipping Globalists booed The Donald at this pretentious elitist event celebrating self-serving philanthropism, which should never be mistaken for real charity, which is usually done without such fanfare.

    Trump shouldn’t have gone to this event, in my opinion as a Western Canadian supporter and Christian.

    Nobody mentioned Jesus, and the Cardinal looked uncomfortable, as well he should have been for even being at this decadent worldly banquet, with ‘Catholic’ diners displayed for the TV cameras, tiered like denizens of Dante’s circles of Hell. What a sight for sore eyes.

    Lord forgive us.

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