Fox News is finally covering who’s really behind the violent riot


Fox News is finally covering who’s really behind the violent riot    HERE





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A progressive Seattle group’s recruiting ad seeking activists to fight the “Trump Agenda” drew threats and scorn from conservatives nationwide after Sean Hannity posted about it. Then Craigslist removed the ad altogether.

By David Gutman

Seattle Times staff reporter


November 11th, 2016

There are, it’s fair to say, a lot of people who are not happy with the idea of President-Elect Donald Trump.

The Washington Community Action Network (CAN) is a left-wing activist group that focuses on issues like racial justice, immigrant rights and progressive taxation.

Trump launched his political career by questioning the birthplace and legitimacy of the first black president. He wants to build a wall on the Mexican border and has promised a “deportation force” to deal with undocumented immigrants. His tax plan would give an average $1.1 million tax cut to each of the richest 0.1 percent of the population, according to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, and a $110 tax cut to households in the poorest 20 percent.  HERE





  1. Left or right wing organizations need to be held accountable for their actions.
    Any protest that incurs policing costs is now using taxpayers’ dollars . This is a cost of belonging to a democracy. When the protest escalates to blocking traffic, breaking windows, looting, or violence of any variety the democratic rights of the protesters do not trump the rights of everyone else.
    Civil and criminal charges should be brought against the group that placed the ad on craigslist the instant the protest violates other peoples democratic rights.

  2. For the sake of argument lets say someone gets killed at one of these peaceful protests.(well within the realm of possibility). Because the protesters are getting paid doesnt that make them guilty aka a hired killer? The employer is guilty as well.
    If these allegations are true and it would seem that they are why arent the FBI involved or even the NSA ? When do the paid protesters cross over to domestic terrorists?
    Why hasnt Obama stepped in? If allowed to continue escalation is assured.

  3. The groups ( cough cough behind this professional protesting must be investigated for incitement to violence and riots. Wealth of a self-loathing, Athiestic, WWII Nazi collaborating Jew as George Soros is should not put him and his minions above the law.

    The cities, counties and states where these IMO mostly illegal protests are need to bring in the law to deal with this non-democratic violence.


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