Thursday, October 21, 2021

Industry News

WEDNESDAY in Broadcast History .. May 21st

May 21st brought us Raymond Burr, Fats Waller, Dennis Day, Bill Reiter and Al Franken. News was made by Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogartt, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, and two newly-crowned American Idols. And TV shows Miami Vice and Newhart, as well as distinguished actor Sir John Gielgud, took their final bows. Full details .. and many more anniversaries inside.

A Radical Vision Changing how Advertising is sold – Will People...

Eric Rhoads, Publisher of Radio Ink talks about Reinventing Radio Sales. Read More about this Inside...

TUESDAY in Broadcast History .. May 20th

This was the day of birth for James Stewart, George Gobel, Joe Cocker and Cher. Entertainment headline grabbers this date include Paul Anka, Jimi Hendrix and Connie Chung. And the first runs of TV favorites "Roseanne," " Barney Miller," " Fresh Prince of Belair" and "Cheers" all checked out for the last time, as did Gilda Radner and Annis Stukus. MANY MORE ANNIVERSARIES OF NOTE ARE INSIDE!

K-97 Aircheck 2

0 Mark Summers provides us with yet another aircheck 'nugget' from 1983 from K97, which Mark tells us was his home for over 20 years....

Live Streaming Royalty Rates Retroactive

The retroactive fact of this matter illustrates how slowly law moves compared to technology.

CHED Radio Aircheck 2

Here's another aircheck put together by Mark Summers of 630 CHED during it's rock and roll heyday...

Oldies Radio is Leaving the 60’s Behind

Now that the decade is being reduced to a few overplayed greatest hits, we might be better off hauling the music back out when...

Crooner Jerry Vale Dead at 83

Jerry Vale, the beloved crooner known for his high-tenor voice and romantic songs in the 1950s and early 1960s, has died. He was 83. His rendition of "Volare," ''Innamorata" and "Al Di La" became classic Italian-American songs. His biggest hit was "You Don't Know Me."

MONDAY in Broadcast History .. May 19th

Broadcasters Jim Lehrer and David Hartman were born this date, along with rocker Pete Townshend. Marilyn Monroe, Keith Richards, Marv Albert and Rosie O'Donnell made headlines, while Ronald Colman, Henry Morgan, and KIXI Radio's Bob Liddle checked out on this date. Also saying farewell were TV shows Murder She Wrote, L.A. Law, and Survivor: Marquesas. MORE ANNIVERSARIES TO REMEMBER INSIDE!

The Trials and Tribulations of PD John Rook

Veteran Radio Man and PD John Rook has more than a tale to tell. As one of John's friends said, "You have a Very Storied Life John!"