Joe Rogan interviews Alex Jones, with Eddie Bravo



Interesting INSIDE interview with independent mediacaster Alex Jones

Breaking! Alex Jones Infowars added to the White House Press Gallery



  1. Very frustrating interview. Usually, during an Alex Jones interview I find myself shouting to Alex to shut up and let the guest speak. During this interview I was shouting to the hosts to shut up and let Alex speak!

  2. Took me close to 6 hours to watch this yesterday and check on some of the facts of the stories. Great interview. Rogan and Jones are new media stars.

  3. I got the idea Alex covered more than he expected to
    I also like the fact checking on the fly … Opened up some space in Joes head

  4. If anyone is frightened by having to devote north of 3 hours for this interview, pause for a minute. Now think about the millions of people that devoted 5 hours of their lives to watch the grammy awards.

  5. or how about those who watch the hen-fest ‘The View’ which poisons ones mind to the point they keep having to come back for more bullshit and untruths every morning. What amazes me is how many so-called journalists also watch this crap, and there are lots! God help us


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