Sunday, April 14, 2024

Matt Cundill - The 'Sound Off' Podcast

K-97’s Terry Evans joins Matt Cundill on the ‘Sound Off’ Podcast

He tells us about Terry Evans, who is 6’5” and Intimidating." There’s also a mention of Puget Sound in the first 30 seconds of the show. As a BONUS Blog, Matt weighs in on the U.S. election results....

Matt Cundill and Fred Patterson, of Humble & Fred on the...

An anniversary for Humble & Fred. Five years ago they rolled the dice and took a chance that their radio brand still had cache. It was a great gamble.

Alan Cross joins Matt Cundill on the ‘Sound Off’ Podcast

Alan Cross wears many hats and has many titles. My favourite two are historian and author. His perspective on music's intersection with the digital world is refreshing. Every day he works to find the answers to what ails two of his great passions, music and radio.

Fearless Fred talks with Matt Cundill on the ‘Sound Off’ Podcast

As I listened to Fred recount his radio adventures across Canada, I discovered that two of the greatest things going for Fred were his ability to remain unaware of certain things, while having the ability to listen and react accordingly when someone is giving you advice.

Matt Cundill’s ‘Sound off’ Podcast talks with Marty Forbes

Marty Forbes is the president of Radiowise and former General Manager of Standard Radio's 100.3 The Bear and TSN 1260 in Edmonton for many years. His Father was the legendary Jerry Forbes at 630 CHED, who started many great charities including Santa Anonymous. Since leaving Standard Radio, Marty consults radio properties with an emphasis on Digital inclusion.