Fred Jacobs joins Matt Cundill on the ‘Sound Off’ Podcast


Fred Jacobs is the president of Jacobs Media. Their tech surveys have become increasingly important as we progress through the digital revolution. The survey itself undergoes changes with the inclusion of new questions about personal assistant devices like Alexa. Which brings me to Podcast itself.

Jacobs Media went all-in on podcasting a few years ago and I met up with Fred Jacobs and Seth Resler at Podcast Movement 16 in Chicago. This year they have partnered with the Podcast Movement Organizers to create Broadcaster meet Podcaster. You can read more about this exciting opportunity here.

If you do wind up going to the conference in Anaheim August 23-25, please let me know so we can meet for a coffee or any of the other fine beverages served in the lobby bar.

Of great interest to all radio people is this webinar that shows the relationship radio listeners have with podcasting. The webinar was done by Fred on June 15th and you can watch it now here.…ned-techsurvey13/

This episode is brought to you by NLogic and their new cloud based application Lens for radio.

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At the beginning of the show, you heard part of the new single from Skye Holland called, “We Could Be”. Download it and bring it to your next music meeting.…a39f81bafce4f1d5

Apologies for the phone quality. I need to make repairs to my PBX Innkeeper. When I worked in Radio, it was a trip to engineering; that is not a position we have at the Sound Off Media Company. But we do have a kick ass social media marketer in Lauren Siddall.


Matt Cundill

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