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Harvey Oberfeld - Keeping It Real...

Oberfeld: Trudeau dished out pablum … served up in a childlike...

Canada’s media may have rooted for the “home” team when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the UN …but let’s keep it real. Trudeau drew very little attention …and his obvious fawning does NOT bode well for current negotiations with China.

What BC By-elections and Iowa Caucus Results Have in Common

Political junkies love elections: they can be so exciting … whether they take place at home, in other provinces, in states south of the border, in Canada or the U.S. or even in other countries.

Where’s Trudeau’s Welcome Mat for Persecuted Christians and Jews? Oberfeld

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government have been very open, public and vocal about Canada's responsibility to accept and welcome Muslim refugees from world trouble spots. But what about the thousands of Christians fleeing slaughter and Jews being targeted by rising anti-Semitism? Where's the Welcome Mat for them? (A child is photographed, waiting to be killed by militants)

Trump’s Rise Shows HUGE Differences: Canadians vs Americans

When he referred to Mexicans as “rapists”, his popularity among Republican primary voters ROSE! (In Canada, any candidate who said that would no doubt be forced to step down by the party or be fired as a candidate.) article by Harvey Oberfeld...

Time for Trudeau to FIRE Gordon Campbell: Harvey Oberfeld

It's time for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to do the right thing ....

Tories pay for Harper’s Insolence! – Harvey Oberfeld

Trudeau the Elder gave Western Canada the finger: Stephen Harper gave ordinary Canadians across the country the finger ...and his party has now paid for that.

Investigation Needed into Elections Canada Failings (Oberfeld)

Something has not been right: Elections Canada from coast to coast was clearly unable to efficiently and effectively handle registration and the advance polling this election

TPP Will Break the Campaign Open (Oberfeld)

Well, the TPP will certainly bring the focus of the this election campaign BACK to the economy ...and could make or break the campaign wide open: esp risky for the NDP.

TV News … Faltering in the U.K. Too (Oberfeld)

I have written several times about the decline of TV news in BC and Canada ...and anyone who has watched TV news in the US could easily conclude it’s even worse there. But the disease of shallow stories, reporting and glitz is also hurting viewership in the UK ...

Key Foreign Affairs Debate Monday! – Harvey Oberfeld

The Munk debate on Canadian Foreign Affairs policies will air at 4 p.m. Pacific time Monday and it could be the MOST critical in helping undecided voters choose which leader’s vision of Canada they support.