Trump’s Rise Shows HUGE Differences: Canadians vs Americans



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By Harvey Oberfeld

Keeping It Real…

Friday December 11th, 2015

.US Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump continues to confound the pundits, embarrass US government officials and diplomats and even alarm Republican party brass and moderates.

But the fact remains: each time Trump has upped the ante (or perhaps I should say “anti”) with divisive, xenophobic outrageous exaggerations and even lies … his popularity has RISEN …not only among Republicans, but the American general population as well.

How different it was in Canada.

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper … as his disastrous election campaign failed to inspire voters … TRIED the divide-and-conquer strategy.

First there was his pronouncements and use of government lawyers to challenge in the Supreme Court a Muslim woman’s desire to take her Canadian citizenship oath wearing a niqab: he failed … the sky did not fall and, more importantly, Harper did NOT get a boost in the polls.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau defended the woman’s right (a damn the torpedoes gamble) and we all know how it all ended up for him.

Harper even went further in the final few weeks of the campaign, as Tory desperation increased: purposely raising the fear level over Syrian refugees; offering to take the lowest number … 10,000 over several years, well below Trudeau’s vow of 25,000 and more.

Canadians put their confidence in Trudeau.

And then there was the promised federal “Snitch Line” … where we would be able to phone in and report on “barbaric” cultural practices of our neighbours. The suggestion was those practices would be things like forced marriage; genital mutilation etc. (No mention by Harper or any of his candidates if circumcision would/should be included.)

Most Canadians could still not be incited and clearly many  were repulsed.

With each outlandish and even outrageous attempt to scare,  Harper’s poll results continued to fall and Trudeau’s continued to rise.

No so with Trump.

When he referred to Mexicans as “rapists”, his popularity among Republican primary voters ROSE!  (In Canada, any candidate who said that would no doubt be forced to step down by the party or be fired as a candidate.)

And that was just the beginning.

Trump has insulted opponent Carly Fiorina for her looks’; mocked a disabled reporter; degraded numerous people who have just criticized/disagreed with him; claimed (without ANY proof) that thousands of American Muslims publicly cheered and celebrated the World trade Centre destruction;  and, most infamously, recently called for a TOTAL BAN on Muslims entering the US “ ”until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on”.

And each time, his standing in almost all U.S. polls has gone UP!

The latest surveys, among Republican primary voters: in South Carolina, Trump rose EIGHT points, to 38% support, leading Ted Cruise at 30%; in New Hampshire, Trump rose to 27% support, ahead of Christie at 12% and Rubio at 11%.

And as high as 65% of Republican voters SUPPORT the idea of a total ban on people from entering the US, based SOLELY on their religion; 22% opposed.

Of course, these are Republicans …leaning right …right?

BUT Trump’s anti-Muslim rants and promise of a total ban was initially also supported by almost HALF of ALL American voters: 45% agreed with him; 49% opposed. Now that national and international reaction has roundly condemned the idea, American support is also waning: 57% opposing the ban, only 25% still supporting it.

Considering we’re talking about a TOTAL BAN on EVERY PERSON who is MUSLIM … regardless of where they are from, who they are etc., the 25% is still a figure I find quite appalling. Surely IN A DEMOCRACY there must be SOME indication, SOME information, SOME apparent unanswered background questions … not just institute an entire ban on an entire religious group! We are NOT Saudi Arabia!!!!

It’s unclear even how that would work. Religion is not currently asked or stated on US (or Canadian or European or Pacific or Asian) passports: would immigration cards be changed to require a person’s religion be stated? Would Muslim passports be stamped with an “M”? (Christians with a “C” and Jews with a “J”?).

It’s ugly and it’s outrageous!

Exceeded only by the ugliness that so many Americans are willing to go along with it.

I understand their fear: Canada has been the victim of terrorist plots, attacks and killings too. We MUST be cautious, alert and aggressive in seeking out and stopping any terror attacks by anyone from anywhere.

But we need not panic or become divided, xenophobic or anti-Muslim.

How ironic that while the US is having this debate,  in Canada,  Trudeau personally welcomed 135 Syrian refugees into Canada.

A true tale of two different countries … and clearly two very different peoples.

Harv Oberfeld




  1. Mr. Trump is showing the world “the ugly American” at his/her worst.

    Is he not going against the American constitution with his proposed ban?

    what about “life liberty and the pursuit of happiness” .

    Mr Trump should reread what is stated on that majestic statue in New Work Harbor. ‘‘Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses Yearning To Breathe Free’’

    He might also wish to listen again to the Neil Diamond song “America”

    I am very thankful that I live in Canada…I have NOL desire to go south of the border…even for a visit.

  2. I don’t agree with you Peter. You must realize Trump is not establishment. When I say establishment, bought and paid for as the majority of the GOP candidates. I exclude Carson and Rand Paul. The elitists originally back Jeb Bush, but because he’s near the bottom of the list of favourites, they back Marco Rubio. Establishment. War Mongers. Keeping this in mind, the media is also bought and paid for by the establishment. Crooks, liars and thieves are what most politicians represent today, and to hell with those who voted them in. Having pointed this out, the media knowingly are using edited sound bytes to make the man out to be a monster. Example, with regards to banning Muslims from entering the United States, the master manipulators just so happened to have cut the part where Trump said, “UNTIL we can get a handle of this situation. ” Duh! what’s wrong with that? I have no problem having refuges enter America or Canada, but where I do have a problem is the percentage breakdown of who’s coming in. 15% Children, 13% Women, and get this 72% Men. There’s something very wrong here, but unless one digs for this information, and it is available, then the mass media will continue to lie, omit, delete any of this news because its not popular. Shame, shame, shame

    this American Muslim Agrees with Donald Trump

  3. I am very thankful that my grandparents were able to come to Canada – If they had not come, I would be living in Russia under Tsar Putin.
    My grandparents were part of the Doukhobor mass emigration from Tsarist Russia in the early 1900s.

    Some of this group settled in communes on the prairies, and in the BC interior – others assimilated into the cities they moved to – these groups were peaceful and lived within the law of the land. Yet others were extremest in their views and protested violently against the law of the land. This last group, “The Sons Of Freedom” sect were dealt with by the law and suffered the consequence of their actions.

    When one speaks of the “Doukhobor” the only group that is thought of is the later, “The Sons Of Freedom” sect.

    My point; Like the “Doukhobor” not all museums fall into the terrorist group. I would suggest that the terrorists represent a very small percentage of the total.

    All governments should do their due diligence and check, check, and check again to ensure -to the best of their abilityv – that the folks who come to start a new life are here peacefully….Like my grandparents.

  4. More of that unwarranted Canadian smugness and America bashing that I find very distasteful. Canada has one terrorist event in its recent history and the result was tanks in the streets and a massive steam rolling of civil rights presided over by a Prime Minister named Trudeau. The US has shown great restraint considering the terrorist acts that have been committed on their soil.

  5. There is a bit of media twisting and opposition party twisting to what Trump actually said. Edits of his sound clips tell us this.

    What Mr. Trump said was that he would halt TEMPORARILY Muslims entering the USA, until the government can figure out what the Hell is going on. I’m not saying he is right , but the sound clips have cut out the TEMPORARILY word.

    NOW! If I may?

    Did you all know for a short while President Jimmy Carter disallowed Iranians from entering the USA? Yes, it was during the US Hostage Crisis. Yes, its not the same as Trump’s ideas but BOTH ARE POLITICAL! Nobody much condemned President Carter for that.

    Did you know that for 20 years and through 4 US Administrations that Presidents accepted and carried on the ban of allowing HIV persons into the USA. 20 years through BOTH Parties in office. It too was one based on fear, misguided as it may be and also a political choice.

    So flaming Mr. Trump in a time when Americans are being fed FEAR AND PARANOIA by their Federal Government down to state and city governments, toss in a LAP DOG mainstream media, may be a stupid thing to do.

    On top of that even if Mr. Trump was to win POTUS he’d likely not do this anyways.

    BTW, right now other countries world wide disallow not just Muslims but others from entering their nations. The Syrian/Middle Eastern refugees are being banned from all too many places and for often political reasons, but people are all ape $hit over rhetoric Mr. Trump says while he campaigns for the W.H.

  6. @Les H.

    Trump cannot implement this ban on Muslims. It would be against the U.S. constitution and would likely be struck down by a myriad of lawsuits (probably thousands of lawsuits) against the so called Trump administration.

    Therefore, his ban on Muslims (I predict) will be a tipping point for Trump, much like the Titanic meeting the iceberg.

    It’s one thing to call Mexicans rapists and murderers, but to ban Muslims from entering the country (even temporarily?) will likely piss off every Muslim country, imaginable.

    He might well get banned from countries, himself, or engage someone in world war three !

  7. The Notley government in Alberta routinely condemns half of the population as “women haters” when a man disagrees with her. Her government refuses to even acknowledge let alone respond to letters sent to her office or the offices of MLAs. Now, a cabinet minister is in tears because of ‘death threats’ as a result of ramming through an unpopular bill that they did not properly explain to their electorate. Forget Trump. Look at what is happening in your own country. Alberta will see polarizing politics like never before. It’s only beginning folks, and as usual, the mainstream media misses it!

  8. Extreme political views are lightning rods for the apposing side to latch on to and fire back with extreme rhetoric of their own…. it gets us nowhere. The only result is the digging in of heals and less of a willingness to listen to what is said by the other side.

    The extreme left and right are like the horns of a big old bull. they go out from the center and end up meeting at the point… Hitler and Stalin were from different political systems, but their extreme systems amounted to the same kind of tyrannical governance of their countries. and there was no peace.

    We need less extremist views in politics and a more balanced political system to work through the minefield of world events.

  9. wrote this column to cover-up trudeau jr.’s mistakes harv.? who cares about trump? spending billions (but not on canadians). nanny-gate. the amount of canadians who went to the paris climate summit on the taxpayers dime? come on.

  10. Harper lost in spite of his niqab, snitch line and go-slow refugee stances.

    All three of those positions were not politically toxic. (Give us a San Bernardino type massacre by jihadis and watch the public clamour for similar measures.)

    No, the Conservatives were ousted because Canadians fiercely desired to get rid of a mean, mendacious and ugly government, controlled completely by Harper and his beady eyed minions in the PMO.


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