Apples-To-Apples, Radio’s Reach Rules!





December 11, 2015

While radio has been touting its high weekly penetration for years, too often the medium gets compared to monthly figures from digital and TV. Now, Nielsen says its inaugural Comparable Metrics Report has “leveled the playing field” and shows that radio has the highest weekly reach across all age groups, as more than 90% of all adults listen to radio each week.

Although results from the study showed that adults still spend the most time with TV, radio finished in second place across almost all groups, followed by smartphones, PCs, TV-connected devices and then tablets.

Nielsen says the new Comparable Metrics report shows the average adult spends 775 minutes in a typical week with radio. “Add that to the 1,950 minutes for TV and 972 minutes for digital and you see that radio commands 20% of total time spent. However, when ad buying decisions are being made, radio only attracts 8.2% of the total US media ad spending share.”

Read more results from the just released report HERE. 




  1. I’m 40 and I love traditional media but even I have to call BS on this report. Tablets, smartphones, PCs, and set top boxes are all one online medium. To measure them as separate is the same as measuring car radio, clock radio, portable radio, and home stereo radio as separate mediums.


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