Oberfeld: Trudeau dished out pablum … served up in a childlike la-di–da speech at UN



Harvey Oberfeld

By Harvey Oberfeld

Keeping It Real

PSR Contributor


Friday September the 23rd, 2018



Trudeau at UN (Photo: Courtesy of CBC

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau DESPERATELY wants Canada to have a seat on the United Nations Security Council.

Even though, the world knows non-permanent members sitting on the Council have no real power and no veto and,  are more often than not, are pushed around by the BIG POWERS at the table, especially the one(s) that helped get them their two-year Guest Pass.

But it does look good on a leader’s CV … and politically, at home.

So Trudeau was there this week smiling, polishing,  pushing, almost pleading as he tried to impress General Assembly members … world leaders and diplomats … including brutal dictators, corrupt thugs and thieves, real killers and supporters/financiers of terrorism … that Canada wants their votes to get on the Council.

The Prime Minister talked of the need to combat Islamophobia, economic disparity and the need to fight fear and “anxiety”.

He even criticised Canada for interment of  its Japanese citizens during the Second World War; the turning away of Jews seeking asylum from Nazi Europe; and shortcomings in our treatment of our First Nations.

But strangely, speaking to a WORLD body during a time of substantial global conflicts, aggression, wars, nuclear fears, occupation of others’ lands, barrel bombs landing on hospitals, missiles fired at UN humanitarian aid convoys and even the use of chemicals/gas, Trudeau said nothing critical of the offending nations.

Canada’s voice didn’t mention Russia’s seizure of Crimea or invasion of Ukraine; Iran’s state sponsorship of terror organizations and actions; the Syrian government’s attacks on its own civilians; the failure of the richest Arab oil countries to take in a single refugee … well, you get the point.

It was a PERFECT time and opportunity for Trudeau and Canada to confront, chastise and condemn those leaders and governments that have wrought terror and destruction on not only their neighbours, but even their own people.

In other words, it was a chance to show Canada and our Prime Minister as real leaders.

But what Trudeau dished out was pablum … served up in a childlike la-di–da speech by a clearly fawning apprentice on the international stage.

Why does it matter to Canadians?

Because at the UN,  I fear Trudeau showed … despite all his loudly principled rhetoric for home consumption …  he IS willing to set aside our principles and NOT confront evil … when there are international prizes he covets more.

That does NOT bode well for the negotiations on right now with China over an extradition treaty.

Is Trudeau prepared … for material gain … to give up Canada’s long held principled stance of NOT extraditing people to countries with failed human rights,  corrupt judicial processes and political trials … all backed by a massively-applied death penalty?

The answer to China should be a FIRM NO!

And if Trudeau/Liberals cave on this … what other embarrassments/sacrifices are they prepared to inflict on Canada’s reputation for a Security Council seat!

At the General Assembly, Trudeau told his “B” rated audience  …  lower ranked diplomats assigned to listen to his address in the half-empty General Assembly … “We’re here to help,”   From what I saw, not a single actual world leader was on hand to listen… because Obama’s simultaneous appearance in the nearby Refugee Forum  had drawn the leaders away.

Let’s keep it real: despite the hoopla at home, Trudeau and Canada were bit players at the UN this week … and I suspect sacrificing our standards and failing to confront those leaders/countries that ignore even basic human rights did NOT win much respect from those at the UN who really count.

In fact, when Trudeau held a press conference later in the day,  the small conference hall where it took place was also half empty … attended dutifully by Canadian reporters … but largely ignored by the major foreign correspondents.

It’s not surprising, of course,  that most Canadian media who covered the Canadian PM’s trip to the UN  were more like cheerleaders … most of them impressed by his charm and photogenuity ….  overlooking the true story that his appearance had ZERO leadership impact on the World body.

Instead, he was clearly just hoping for a “call back” for a minor role as an ”extra” on the Security Council in 2020.

Harv Oberfeld






  1. “(Trudeau) even criticised Canada for interment of its Japanese citizens during the Second World War; the turning away of Jews seeking asylum from Nazi Europe; and shortcomings in our treatment of our First Nations.”

    What Mr. GQ conveniently forgot to mention is that all of these things happened under the Liberals’ watch (particularly, in the case of the first two incidents, when it was then-PM and Liberal leader William Lyon Mackenzie King in charge). A lie by omission is still a lie.

  2. Globalism is a word we hear much about in our current human era. It’s used to define many of the ideals of the global elites and NWO types. It’s spun as if it’s from the Mountain top. IT WILL FAIL in the end and without going too long I will hi-lite TWO reasons why.

    1: The ‘individual’. 7 billion people on this rock. 7 billion thoughts, ideals, individual reasons to live and each persons own desires. Globalism rests on the idea of socialism. Socialism is the tool to work to have 7 billion follow the ‘line’ ‘ideal’ and ‘ways’ of globalism as spun by our not so bright elites. Socialism abhors the individual. It merely sees the person and people as tools to an end. Though people within a society have social conscience and responsibilities, most do not live in a socialist thought paradigm. Those that do and there are a lot, will in time see its idea FAILS!

    In order for globalism to work as many of our narrow minded elites see it, it has to convert 7 billion people to all surrender their individuality and individual dreams, desires, thoughts and wants. This will not succeed even in the end to those who have drunk the koolaid as it defies human nature.

    2: To most if not all humans after the idea of living life as an individual the next most prominent ideal most if not all people have is THE NATION STATE! We identify and defend each of our nationalities and our nations. Even failing and failed socialistic nations see that their populations will defend the nation. Globalism hates the nation state. Globalism cannot defeat the nation state. Globalists elites are arrogant to think they can.

    People, citizens after each define each as their own person will define their greater existence mostly to the idea of their nationality and their nation. The nation state is easy for each of us to hold on to and to coexist with our individuality. ‘Member of the World’ is not what most if not all of us will say or desire to express ourselves under. “I’m Canadian.” “I’m an American.” “I am a Brit.” “I’m French.” ” I’m Chinese.” ” I’m German.” ” I’m Italian.” etc. etc. etc. Globalist elites are too ignorant to see the weight of this nation state idea held by most if not all of us.

    We as 7 billion in a world of 200+ nations are generally fine with each nation’s individual chase of self determination. We are good with global trade but a trade that does not persecute or pull down nations that have succeeded and still succeed, only to appease those which failed and fail.

    Competition between all nation states makes the world better for all. Globalist pablum of using socialism to keep the people under their thumb while the elites and their cronies reap the goods under the guise of crony-capitalism WILL FAIL!

    I will use the US example to finish here. It has (flawed and all) over the last 100 odd years or more and especially post WWII been the nation state of supreme example. ‘ The shining beacon on the hill’ This was mostly apparent in modern times during the Cold War 1945-1991. The greatest era in human history from 1945-1991 was spearheaded by the nation state of the USA , flawed and all it was still the shining example.

    ‘Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness’. No words better define the best of the human experience. These words define the United States of America. Globalists are too full of themselves to see this. Their arrogance creates their ignorance and will be their and their flawed ideology’s down fall.

    I can go on and on but I have made much of my point.

  3. Harvey
    I agree,Young PM Trudeau is a “Nice Guy” with the Perfect first Lady Sophie But!
    He and His advisers are sadly Naïve about the way of the real world outside Canada in which Leaders of many Countries Like Russia and China are ruthless with their plans to achieve dominance for their Countries, China especially in many Countries is buying up vast tracts of Land and Companies and within a few months or years laying off the Locals bringing in their own employees for cheaper labour and agricultural development for Chinese consumption>
    Sadly the World does not play by Lofty Trudeau and Canada ideals He may wake up one day and find China owns a large portion of the Canadian economy !! through clever and ruthless dealings eg Citing the huge increase in Vancouver real estate prices when the Chinese were given carte blanche by the BC Government to buy any property until too late the Libs and incredibly Naïve “Brushing under the Carpet Christy and Mike De Jong” woke up to reality!!
    Why rush with selling our LNG Assets . is BC Safety Deposit Account” Always will be there waiting until the LNG resources will experience a Worldwide Shortage and BC will reap the huge rewards!!


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